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916M: Yes, yes, yes, to Parti Barisan Rakyat!

This is certainly an excellent idea, something which we advocated at the time when Anwar was tantalizing defections per 916.

Yes, agree, we certainly need quality lawmakers, and certainly not the crapmakers whom we now have.

Firstly, we need to look from the point of view of practicality, especially in so far as election machinery and funding are concerned. Yes, you have qualified that “if an effective election machinery were in place”. Now, would we be able to set up an effective election machinery in time? Well, we think it is possible, if Barisan Rakyat gets started now, not later, and we need not aim for the kind of funds needed, but we battle smart, using technologies like Facebook and email campaigns.

So, yes, register Barisan Rakyat as a political party now, and build up its election machinery, election strategies and war chest. (If we really want to see Barisan Rakyat as a force to be reckoned with, we cannot run away from the fact that discipline has to be instituted, and this has to be through party mechanisms; ok, Barisan Rakyat need not be a 100% political party, but some basic form of constitution or standing orders must be in place.)

Secondly, which constituencies will Barisan Rakyat contest in? Yes, you had said the following: “‘third force of independent candidates comprising the best that civil society has to offer, augmenting the best from Pakatan Rakyat, to take on BN come the 13th GE’. No room for 3-corner fights here.” But how do we negotiate with Pakatan to avoid the said 3-corner fights? Knowing them politicians, we doubt if they will give way to Barisan Rakyat. Some of Pakatan’s lawmakers may be hopeless, but we cannot deny that Pakatan is at least for now our hope, and unless the said third force comes into play. Therefore, our view is that Barisan Rakyat can only be viable if 3 corner fights can be avoided.

Perhaps too a good strategy will be to field Barisan Rakyat candidates in places where people like Zahrain, Tan, Wee Choo Keong, etc, ie hopeless independents are incumbents, and also where UMNO currently are lawmakers (just hit UMNO, no need to hit the other parties, as the main troublemaker is actually UMNO). Barisan Rakyat will have to negotiate with Pakatan Rakyat on this, in return for Barisan Rakyat’s support for Pakatan Rakyat’s candidates elsewhere. Yes, it would certainly be counterproductive if there were 3-corner fights.

Thirdly, Barisan Rakyat ought to field a good number of candidates, some of whom must include notable candidates like yourself, RPK (if you guys can convince him), Imtiaz, etc. Like it or not, you really need iconic figures.

Fourthly, focus on the parliamentary seats, ie do not run for state seats. Try to achieve the balance of power status at the federal level, because this is where the control is. Barisan Rakyat, will not be able to build up sufficient resources by GE13, so you guys must focus on where it will be most effective.

Some food for thought.

Over to you.

916 Movement


Haris Ibrahim: DNBN Kuburkan BN: Enter the Third Force

Pakatan Rakyat and a great many of the rakyat have one common aspiration : to kick the present corrupt BN government out come the 13th General Election.

That’s any time between now and 8th May, 2013.

Many feel it’s going to be very much sooner rather than later.

Possibly even next year.

Imagine, as the results are announced, come the 13th GE, and it becomes evident that BN has lost.

Then imagine the next day that, instead of a Pakatan Rakyat leader being appointed Prime Minister, news starts to make its way around that several Pakatan Rakyat MPs have gone ‘missing’.

Talk of cross-overs abound.

Two days later, Muhyiddin appears at a press conference, surrounded by former Pakatan Rakyat MPs, who now declare themselves as BN-friendly independent MPs.

Enough former Pakatan Rakyat MPs who are now independent and BN-friendly for Muhyiddin to claim to have the confidence of the majority in the Dewan Rakyat and consequently the right to the PMship.

We have seen enough since the 12th GE to know that unless candidates of unquestionable integrity are picked to contest, the scenario I have described above is a very distinct possibility, if not a near probability.

The sad truth, however, is that the three Pakatan Rakyat parties just do not have enough good men and women within their ranks to contest all parliamentary and state seats.

Throw in PSM in semenanjung and SAPP in Sabah and they still would not have enough.

Truth is that the three Pakatan Rakyat parties have, with a view to improving the quality within their ranks, approached many in civil society who are perceived as good candidate material to join their respective parties, without too much success.

I, too, have approached some of those in civil society who, in my view, have the qualities that would serve the nation and the rakyat well in parliament and who have intimated to me that whilst they are not at all desirous of getting into any political party set-up, they are prepared to do their part in setting our nation right and, to that end, would be honoured to offer themselves as independent candidates in the next general election if an effective election machinery were in place.

A third force of independent candidates comprising the best that civil society has to offer, augmenting the best from Pakatan Rakyat, to take on BN come the 13th GE?

We could call this third force Barisan Rakyat.

Would this not be viable?

Your thoughts, please.

Source: http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2010/08/08/dnbn-kuburkan-bn-enter-the-third-force/#comment-55020


916M: Insight: RPK, the Gandhi of Malaysia?

RPK, you are so funny.

It is really funny when you point out how bodoh they are.

Come to think of it, it is often the stupidity of their statements and remarks that we laugh when we read the news.

Then again, as we laugh, we discover sadness, wondering why is it that our country has to be run by idiots like them?

Fortunately, we have you, RPK, as one of our beacons of hope.

Sure, the day will come, when we will all be holding our heads up high as we march into Putrajaya.

That day, without doubt, will certainly come.

RPK, we salute you as the Gandhi of Malaysia.

916 Movement


RPK: Oh yeah? Then come get me!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The utility of a properly managed system of informers is recognised throughout the common law world. As long as crimes are committed, informers have a role to play in their investigation and prosecution. They may either be professional informers, acting for self-serving purposes, or they may be ordinary citizens, motivated by public-spiritedness. Whatever their reason, it is in the public interest that nothing should be done which is likely to discourage persons of either class from coming forward (R v Rankine [1986] 1 QB 861 at 865).


Raja Petra Kamarudin

That’s the problem with some Malays when you take them out of the kampong and send them to school. They think that just because they went to school this means they have also received an education.

Do they know that going to school means just that; that you have gone to school? It does not mean you are educated. After all, you can take the Malay out of the kampong but you can’t always take the kampong out of the Malay.

And this is the problem with those Malays who are still sending me hate-mail and the Malays in Umno and the Malays in Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian as well as the Umno Bloggers. They are still talking about getting me. Well, stop talking and come get me. But first go get an education and stop embarrassing the entire Malay race with all this stupid talk.

And this includes the IGP and AG and Umno Ministers who are all singing the same stupid tune. They are all demonstrating that they know nothing about the law. And that is pathetic because they are supposed to be the lawmakers and enforcers and upholders of the law. Yet they are ignorant of the law.

What do they plan to get me on? Do they wish to slap me with a new ISA detention order? Detention without trial does not apply in the UK. Furthermore, whatever I wrote since February 2009 was written outside Malaysia. And Malaysia does not have any jurisdiction on what I do outside the country. My host country would have to arrest and charge me in the event it feels I have committed a crime on its soil.

For example, in the UK, I can enter into a gay marriage (now, even in church) and, like Elton John, can receive a congratulatory message from the British Prime Minister. Malaysia can’t extradite me for sodomy since what I did I did in the UK and not in Malaysia — where sodomy is a crime. So the crime must have been committed in Malaysia and must be a crime in both Malaysia and the UK — dual criminality — before Malaysia can extradite me.

Or do they wish to slap me with new charges? What new charges? A crime under the Official Secrets Act maybe on the PKFZ Cabinet Papers that I published? Sorry, in the UK they have the Freedom of Information Act. So it is not a crime to reveal information of wrongdoing by the government. In fact, it is the opposite. In the UK it is a crime to hide information of wrongdoing. So here in the UK I would be given an award, not an arrest warrant.

Maybe they want to re-charge me on the old charges that have been dropped (discharged not amounting to an acquittal)? Well, there were only two charges. One was for sedition and the other for criminal defamation.

The UK no longer has the Sedition Act. This law was abrogated on 1st January this year. So, under the dual criminality clause, they can’t extradite me for that charge. So that leaves only one charge left, the criminal defamation charge.

Okay, let’s talk about that one remaining charge then.

I am alleged to have defamed Rosmah Mansor. But Rosmah is not a government officer. She is only the one-time mistress of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, a home-wrecker who stole another woman’s husband. Just because she is Najib’s sex partner this does not make her a Malaysian government official. So the criminal defamation law does not apply to her. How, then, can I get charged for criminal defamation?

Would this mean if I were to defame half a dozen other women then I would face another six criminal defamation charges just because Najib also had sex with them and therefore they are now officially employed by the Malaysian government?

Bila kata Melayu bodoh, marah. Tapi kalau dah bodoh nak kata apa lagi?

Anyway, never mind. Come get me. Apply to extradite me. Then let’s see what the court has to say about that.

What crime did I commit under the criminal defamation charge? I signed a statutory declaration at the Kuala Lumpur High Court in front of a lawyer and the court registrar. Then the lawyer sent it to the prosecutors in the Altantuya murder trial.

In the UK that is not a crime. That is a duty. If you have information that a crime may have been committed — even if you are not too sure but there may be a possibility — then you must report it. And that is exactly what I did; I reported it.

And in the UK those who report a crime are given immunity and cannot be charged for the crime of reporting a crime. But this is what happened to me in Malaysia — I was arrested and charged for reporting a crime.

This is what the British court said:

The utility of a properly managed system of informers is recognised throughout the common law world. As long as crimes are committed, informers have a role to play in their investigation and prosecution. They may either be professional informers, acting for self-serving purposes, or they may be ordinary citizens, motivated by public-spiritedness. Whatever their reason, it is in the public interest that nothing should be done which is likely to discourage persons of either class from coming forward (R v Rankine [1986] 1 QB 861 at 865).

You need more ‘enlightenment’? Then read the four attachments below which explains the issue.

A person who reports a crime cannot be charged, like what they did to me in Malaysia. This is something that the IGP and AG (or the Umno Bloggers, Ministers, etc.) do not seem to know. And that is why they need more education on how the law works.

And only after they have received this education should they attempt to extradite me. If not then even a non-lawyer like me is going to run rings around them. And that will buat Melayu lagi malu.

Source: http://malaysia-today.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=33073:oh-yeah-then-come-get-me&catid=20:no-holds-barred&Itemid=100087

916M: RPK: The Arsehole is Boss …

“Sad, very sad, when one arsehole decides the future of a country of 27 million people.”

Yes, very very sad indeed. One arsehole sacrifices himself and attempts to thwart the future of a nation.

Very powerful arsehole indeed!

But we shall not be shaken, we shall not be thwarted by this arsehole, for we shall ensure that this arsehole remains a true blue arsehole, not the bossy arsehole who to an extent deserves a little more respect.



916 Movement


RPK: The Arsehole is Boss

Thursday, 03 June 2010 Super Admin

Today, I thought I might as well jump onto the bandwagon and also talk about arseholes. After all, I don’t want anyone to allege that Malaysia Today is not keeping up with the latest issue.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

One day, all the different parts of the body had a meeting to discuss who should be the boss.

The brain said it should be the boss because it did all the thinking.

The eyes said it should be the boss because it did all the seeing.

The ears said it should be the boss because it did all the hearing.

The mouth said it should be the boss because it allowed the body to eat.

The tongue said it should be the boss because without it the body would not be able to talk or taste any of the food that it ate.

And so the debate continued with the hands, feet, fingers, toes, neck and all the other parts of the body arguing their case as to why they should be the boss. And the debate went on without any consensus until the arsehole butted in (pun intended) and argued that it should be the boss.

There was a moment of total silence before all the parts of the body rolled on the ground laughing uncontrollably. “You can’t be the boss,” they replied. “You are just an arsehole.”

This made the arsehole very angry and it clammed up and refused to open. Nothing could enter the body through the arsehole, not even a plastic device. More importantly, nothing could leave the body and after a week or so the brain became mushy and could no longer think. The eyes became watery and could no longer see. The ears became zingy and could no longer hear. The mouth, tongue, hands, feet, fingers, toes and whatnot all became weak and could no longer function properly.

By the tenth day the body was at the point of death and all the parts of the body relented and agreed that the arsehole should be the boss. The arsehole had clearly proven that it was the most superior part of the body.

From that day on the arsehole became the boss and ruled over the entire body. And this proves you do not have to be smart to become the boss. You just need to be an arsehole. And Malaysia is living testimony to this doctrine that only arseholes can become the boss.


One day, a woman went to her doctor to discuss a ‘problem’ she was facing.

“My husband loves anal sex,” she told the doctor.

“So?” the doctor asked.

“Well, is it safe?” asked the woman.

“Do you enjoy it?” asked the doctor.

With a blush on her face and not daring to look the doctor in the eye, she admitted that she does.

“Well, carry on then,” the doctor replied, “as long as you also enjoy it.”

“But can I become pregnant through anal sex?” asked the woman.

“Of course you can,” the doctor replied. “Where do you think politicians come from?”


“And what is the purpose of the two stories above?” you might ask.

Well, considering that the world is crumbling around us — the Middle East is bringing the world to the brink of a Third World War with Israel’s attack on the Peace Flotilla, three Israeli submarines are now in the Persian Gulf and are aiming its nuclear missiles on Iran, the three PIGs (Portugal, Italy and Greece) are going bankrupt and may drag the entire world including Malaysia down with it, and much, much more — yet the entire country is focused on just one issue, Saiful’s arsehole. So, today, I thought I might as well jump onto the bandwagon and also talk about arseholes. After all, I don’t want anyone to allege that Malaysia Today is not keeping up with the latest issue.

And below is a graphical presentation of what is the number one issue for Malaysia and which will decide the future of this country — whether Anwar had or had not penetrated Saiful’s arsehole with his pecker.

Sad, very sad, when one arsehole decides the future of a country of 27 million people. I wonder, 100 years from now, when Malaysians look back on 2010, what the historians would be saying about this period of Malaysian history. India had its ‘Black Hole of Calcutta’ in June 1756 that changed the history of the Indian continent and planted the seed of the Indian nationalist movement. Are we going to see the ‘Black Hole of Saiful’ in June 2010 also change the course of Malaysian history?

Source: http://www.malaysia-today.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=32223:the-arsehole-is-boss&catid=20:no-holds-barred&Itemid=100087

916M: Perak: Nizar, is what RPK had said true?

K would not put his head on the block if what he had said is not true.

OK, let us make sure that RPK’s revelations are true.


Let us ask the best person to verify this.


YB Nizar of course.

So, YB Nizar, is what RPK had said true?

We the Rakyat would like to know.

We would like to know if our money has been squandered?

Please tell us!!!

916 Movement


RPK: Why the Pakatan Rakyat government was brought down in Perak (UPDATED with Malay translation)


Posted by admin
Monday, 19 October 2009 04:23

Nazrin’s succession to the Perak throne depends on the goodwill of the federal government. But only if the state government is a Barisan Nasional government will there be this goodwill. If Pakatan Rakyat remains the state government, then expect Nazrin to pay the price when his time comes to succeed his father.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

We all know what happened in Perak. What many do not know is why it happened.

If you can remember, it took one week for the Perak and Selangor state governments to get sworn in after the March 2008 general election. The Sultans of these two states wanted to first ‘discuss the matter’ with the Pakatan Rakyat State Assemblypersons. The Sultans then set certain terms and conditions before agreeing to swear in the new Pakatan Rakyat state governments.

This gap of one week allowed the old Barisan Nasional state governments time to remove and destroy quite a lot of very damaging evidence of the wrongdoings of the previous governments.

The one-week delay also allowed Barisan Nasional to negotiate the possibility of PAS teaming up with Umno to form the state governments in Perak and Selangor. Umno even agreed that PAS would become the Menteris Besar of these two states. And, to add icing to the cake, Umno even agreed to allow PAS to implement Islamic laws in these two states.

But PAS stayed loyal to their two other partners in Pakatan Rakyat, PKR and DAP, and they declined Umno’s offer. Finally, the two Sultans had no choice but to swear in the Pakatan Rakyat state governments in Perak and Selangor. But this did not stop them from plotting behind the scenes on how to bring down the governments.

The Sultan of Selangor was quite prepared to consider the whole matter a fait accompli. After all, Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor had a clear majority and it would be quite difficult to buy off so many State Assemblypersons. But Perak was another matter altogether. Pakatan Rakyat’s majority in Perak was thinner than in Selangor.

As soon as the new state government had been put in place, the Sultan of Perak began asking for this, that and the other. The Pakatan Rakyat Perak state government would have been quite prepared to tolerate some of the demands of the Perak Palace for the sake of maintaining a good relationship with the Palace. But what the Sultan and his family wanted was just too excessive and the Pakatan Rakyat Perak state government had no choice but to say no to the Sultan’s demands.

And this, of course, upset the Sultan. So, when Pakatan Rakyat lost its majority in the Perak State Assembly, it did not take too much persuading for the Sultan to agree to swear in a new Barisan Nasional state government.

At first, the Sultan was not too sure whether he should kick out the Pakatan Rakyat state government in favour of a Barisan Nasional government. When the Pakatan Rakyat Menteri Besar, Nizar Jamaluddin, went before the Sultan to request that the State Assembly be dissolved to make way for fresh state elections, the Sultan said he would think about it first. But immediately after that the Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, went to meet the Sultan and the Sultan was persuaded to reject the Pakatan Rakyat request to dissolve the State Assembly and instead he swore in Barisan Nasional as the new state government.

Najib’s ‘persuasion’ was simple. Nazrin, his son, should not be the Raja Muda of Perak. And this means he should also not be the next Sultan. And in the event that the Sultan dies, as surely he will one day, the federal government will not support Nazrin as the next Sultan of Perak. See what happened to Negeri Sembilan. Although the Yamtuan appointed his son as the regent, this does not mean he becomes the next Yamtuan.

So, Nazrin’s succession to the Perak throne depends on the goodwill of the federal government. But only if the state government is a Barisan Nasional government will there be this goodwill. If Pakatan Rakyat remains the state government, then expect Nazrin to pay the price when his time comes to succeed his father.

Furthermore, the Sultan and his family has asked for a lot of things from the Pakatan Rakyat state government, all of which they rejected. Umno will ensure that the Sultan and his family get whatever they want if Barisan Nasional takes over as the Perak state government.

And with that Pakatan Rakyat’s fate was sealed. The Sultan swore in Barisan Nasional as the new Perak state government and Pakatan Rakyat was sent into the opposition aisle.

What was it that the Sultan and his family wanted which Pakatan Rakyat said no to and which Barisan Nasional has now said yes? Yes, let us see how in just a few months the Sultan and his family has suddenly become one of the richest royal families in Malaysia, of course, at the expense of Pakatan Rakyat.

1. Umno gave the Sultan a piece of state land known as lot 183578. The land is approximately 600 acres in size and is at Tanjong Tualang in the district of Kinta. This land has been parked under the name of the Sultan’s proxy, Mohamed Khaair Johari Hj Osman.

2. Umno gave the Sultan a 1,000-acre timber concession along the 11km Gerik-Kupang highway in Ulu Kenderong, Gerik, Hulu Perak. This concession was originally given to Universiti Utara Malaysia. However, it was later revoked and given to Pusat Kreatif Kanak-Kanak whose Chairman is Raja Datuk Seri Ashman Shah Ibni Sultan Azlan Shah.

3. Umno gave the Sultan seven timber concessions at compartments 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 and 49 in the Kenderong Forest Reserve in Hulu Perak. The seven lots, which come to approximately 600 acres, were parked under two proxy companies of the Sultan — Syarikat Zotonjaya Sdn Bhd and Kibaran Wang Sdn Bhd.

4.  Umno is about to approve a proposal for reforestation involving 10,781 hectares. 5,781 hectares is at the Gunung Besout Forest Reserve in Southern Perak while 5,000 hectares is at Pondok Tanjung in the Larut Matang district. The company that will get this huge project is Permatang Utama Sdn Bhd (company registration number 513583-D) whose Executive Chairman is Datuk Seri Ismail Farouk Abdullah, the Sultan’s son-in-law.

5. Further to that, Datuk Seri Ismail Farouk Abdullah was allowed to take over the state-owned Casuarina Hotel in Ipoh for a negotiated cut throat price of only RM43 million whereas it can fetch a far higher price on the open market. The hotel is located in one of the most prime land in Ipoh and just the empty land alone is worth a huge amount of money.

It is not that the Perak Royal Family is destitute. It is more like they are greedy. Raja Datuk Seri Eleena Azlan Shah is a Director of GAMUDA BERHAD and is Malaysia’s 25th richest person with assets worth over RM 773 million. This makes her the second richest woman in Malaysia after Puan Sri Chong Chook Yew, who occupies the number 18 slot with more than RM 1 billion in assets.


Gamuda Berhad has been awarded more than RM10 billion worth of contracts. It also operates and maintains 230 kilometres of highways plus is a major township and property developer with four township projects involving more than 30,000 houses.

So there you have it. Perakians, in particular the Malays, think that the opposition is not showing the Sultan of Perak the respect he deserves. What they do not know is the Sultan does not deserve any respect. And many are also not aware why the Sultan wanted Pakatan Rakyat kicked out of Perak.

Now, we hope, they do.

The children of Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Yussuf Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-Lah, the Sultan of Perak


From left: Tunku Datuk Seri Kamil Tunku Rijaldin and his wife Raja Datuk Seri Yong Sofia, Datuk Seri Mohd Salleh Ismail and his wife Raja Datuk Seri Azureen, Raja Muda Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah and his wife Tuanku Zara Salim, Raja Kechil Tengah Perak Raja Datuk Seri Ashman Shah and his wife Datin Seri Noraini Jane, Raja Datuk Seri Eleena and her husband Datuk Seri Ismail Farouk Abdullah.

Source: http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/27901/84/