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916M: Soi Lek, the question is not whether to ditch UMNO, but when …

Soi Lek and MCA, time to go boys!

You guys have been playing it by the rules, and toeing the line, because you are part of the team.

Playing it by the rules and toeing the line should only be done if it is a level playing field, and if you are respected in reciprocation.

Your big brother seems not to be respecting you at all, screaming as if you are their dogs.

Honestly, there is really no point in staying.

The issue at hand is not really whether you should ditch UMNO, but as to when you should ditch UMNO.

Yes, 308 gave you a really tight slap, and granted, you did wake up. Yes, you did try to speak louder.

We can understand that you held back after 308 because you realised that if you had ditched UMNO then, at a time when the turmoil continued, it would have caused more distress. Yes, it was an acceptable decision to hold back, and give UMNO a chance.

But after 2 years +, you can see for fact that it will be very difficult for UMNO to change (well, we personally think that it will be an impossibility).

So, there is really no doubt that you have to leave BN, unless UMNO changes.

As noted, it is a question of when, and you have 2 options:

+ Option 1: leave after GE13, ie after UMNO is decimated, by which time they will be rendered powerless to incite trouble, especially in blaming you for causing instability by leaving BN, or

+ Option 2: leave now or at the next most opportune moment

Leaving after GE13 will be the safest option; but you run the risk of being seen as cowardly.

Leaving now or at the next most opportune moment is no doubt dangerous. Because those idiots will use this as an excuse to incite trouble, blaming it on the ungrateful Chinese. Of course too, there will be the danger of the likes of Ibrahim Perkosa pushing harder for Malay unity.

But we do not think that you will stand to lose. Yes, as Choon Mei has pointed out, you need not join Pakatan, but can be independents (no, not the useless and hopeless Temporary Independents like Zahrain, Wee, Tan, etc).

It is actually a question of your survival, and you must transfrom, and the question is when.

Over to you Soi Lek.

916 Movement

P/S: Or at the next most opportune moment, especially when you are whacked again, state emphatically that the MCA will proactively review its position in the BN.


Choon Mei: Time for Soi Lek and MCA to pull out of the BN

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

Fresh from drawing fire from the Chinese community for perceived cowardice, MCA president Chua Soi Lek is now getting whacked left, right and center by Malay leaders in Umno and PAS , who are upset that he has blamed them for undermining Malaysia’s economic potential.

PAS leaders, who sit on the opposite side of the political divide, have accused him of involving their party because he was too afraid to hit out at Umno alone. They minced no words, describing him as being desperate to stem his sliding popularity with the Chinese.

But harsh though their words may be, it was Umno leaders like Khir Toyo who delivered the real killer blow. The former Selangor MB, in disgrace due to a slew of corruption allegations, spitefully suggested that Chua was trying to make people blame Islam. What a sure fire way to turn even the smallest storm in a teacup into a full-blown tornado!

“This is very dangerous. People might start blaming Islam because of what he said… they might blame Islam and say that corruption in the country is rampant because of the religion,” Malaysian Insider quoted Khir as saying.

Most Chinese would agree with Chua

What did Chua actually say to create such a commotion? “When Umno and PAS use religion to strengthen their influence, we can see that some non-progressive policies are made and that the country has been trapped as a middle income nation for more than 10 years,” Chua had told an MCA convention in Kedah.

So basically, what the MCA president was saying was that because of the Umno and PAS tendency to play up religious issues to win over Malay voters, it has led to “non-progressive” policies which have resulted in the entire nation suffering the effects of economic underperformance.

Is this true? Ask any non-Malay, especially the Chinese, and don’t be surprised as many as 9 out of 10 would agree – and absolutely too! Umno should commission a survey if it doesn’t believe this is so.

But that’s not the point. What is most important now for Chua to note because this is what all the other Chinese in the country are noting is the total disrespect that Khir and his colleagues have shown to him, the MCA and the Chinese community by extension.

None of his Umno colleagues appear to have spared any thought as to how tough the MCA predicament must be given the changing times and having to work under a “bully” boss like Umno. All that Khir and his ilk are interested in is how they can further slaughter Chua and his party to maximize their own brownie points with their community.

Only one way to fight and that is all the way

How Chua responds now is most crucial. He does not have to bother with the likes of Khir, who is not respected by any one worth knowing anyway.

But if Chua backs down again – whether the rebuke comes from Prime Minister Najib Razak or former premier Mahathir Mohamad himself – then the MCA is finished. Forever finished! It should then ‘corporatize’, be an education and media company, but stay out of politics.

There is only one way for Chua to fight back and that is all the way. His only meaningful weapon is the 15 parliamentary seats that the MCA holds. This is the time when all members, especially the 15 MPs, should close ranks and express their support for him.

If he fails them, then they must throw him out. If Umno continues to disrespect the MCA, please pull out from the Barisan Nasional.

Throughout the country – from peninsula to East Malaysia and regardless of whether they are MCA members or not – the Chinese will clap and support such a decision. If only Chua has the guts to do so, then there is still a chance his party can retain some of those 15 seats.

The MCA does not have to join Pakatan Rakyat if it does not wish to. It can try being a truly independent party, although to be one, it must take care not to troll with the likes of Zul Noordin, Zahrain Hashim and Wee Choo Keong.

Koh Tsu Koon and Gerakan must follow. There is really no other way out.

The MCA is a wealthy party. It has built cash reserves if not in billions than at least hundreds of millions. The future is a very long time. With this cash hoard, heal and revamp the MCA. But do not ‘drop the face’ of the community anymore.

Source: http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/2010/08/time-for-soi-lek-and-mca-to-pull-out.html


916M: Insight: Perkasa, when will this all end?

Goodness! Perkasa just announced that they have spread their wings to Ireland.

Oh no, not only Ireland, but Indonesia and Egypt as well!

Sounds damn good!

200 new members (should be more actually), must be government scholars.

So, our country sends our creme de la creme overseas so that when they return, they can contribute to nation building.

Once overseas, they should be able to learn from another society and advance their minds.

But no, we have at least 200 of these people overseas who would support Perkosa.

Imagine the kind of people we are sending overseas.

When will this all end?


916 Movement


Perkasa spreads its wings to Ireland

KUALA LUMPUR, June 30 — Controversial Malay NGO Perkasa launched a Perkasa Club in Ireland last week, adding some 200 students to its membership of close to 100,000.

Suara Perkasa, the NGO’s sole official newspaper poised to debut tomorrow nationwide, announced that the club would be headed by Perlis Perkasa head Haji Ameir Haji Hassan.

“We have 200 members in Ireland who joined us,” Perkasa vice-president Dr Zubir Harun told reporters today.

“They are undergraduate and post-graduate (students) that include Kadazans, Ibans and other Bumiputeras,” he added.

“I have received invitations from students in Belfast, Norway and Dublin who have requested Perkasa clubs to be set up in those places respectively,” Haji Ameir was quoted as saying in the Suara Perkasa newspaper article.

Besides Malaysian students in Western countries, Malaysians studying in Indonesia and Egypt have also asked Perkasa to set up clubs there, said Zubir.

Umno also has similar supporters’ clubs formed in other countries like Auckland, which was the 48th Umno Club to be set up.

The Malay NGO, led by independent Pasir Mas MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali, has been gaining clout among the Malay electorate on its strong, often provocative stand on Malay rights issues.

An example of Perkasa’s firebrand ways was their recent demand for Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong to be placed under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for allegedly questioning the social contract.

Although the NGO claims to be non-partisan, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders have accused Umno of outsourcing its extremist views to Perkasa in hopes of gaining support from the conservative Malay electorate.

Source: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/perkasa-spreads-its-wings-to-ireland/#When:09:37:35Z

916M: Insight: World Cup more important than Malay rights …

Perhaps the Malays are the only race in the world which goes around claiming that they are weak and are in need of crutches.

Perhaps Ibrahim of Perkasa is the only one of a kind, the ultimate leader of a weak race.

Leaders are meant to inspire their followers, Ibrahim and his buddies are the only leaders in the world who tell their followers that they are weak and hopeless.

Such leadership.

Yeah, people cannot wake up in time for the Gertak event, because they watched the World Cup earlier. Actually, it is because the World Cup is for more important (or exciting) than Malay rights that they stayed up all night to watch the matches. If Malay rights are more important, then they should have attended the event to show that they believe and support what Ibrahim and that Gertak fella are saying. Therefore, there should have been 100,000 instead of the pitiful 600.

You really cannot get any more stupid than this.

Sad, but such is the case.

And we really cannot sit around waiting for them to reach enlightenment.

We have to do something about these silly people.

And the way to do that is to march into Putrajaya come GE13.

916 Movement


Nomad Kenyan: Building Society Through Defeatism: Malay Style

Being a student in Malaysia has been useful to me in many ways. You learn many new things, a new country, a new culture, people, food, etc. A beautiful nation with beautiful people, but probably a nation that has the worst political system. When you look from a far, when you see the dazzling Twin Towers, the sky crappers, the trains, the paved roads, the almost all tarmacked lanes, it is beautiful and satisfying, but beyond that, there is stinking political system, one devoid of decency and human good, a godless politics that thrives in indecency, skulduggery and simply outright demagoguery.

I remember Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi saying in 2006, ‘the Malays will do anything to achieve something in politics (or something like that) and that anything includes vomit inducing rhetoric and actions. He was right! He was booted out disgracefully after being stabbed in the back by some of his Cabinet Ministers.

Malaysia’s story is not new, its racial politics, stifling bureaucracy, bulging and ever increasing civil service, third world politics, controlled society, partisan bodies and unthinking religious entities are issues one reads about almost on daily basis. Malaysia is not a nation that has bright future. I remember as a kid, circa 1995 reading somewhere a robust statement made by Prof. Ali Mazrui, recognized as the one of the 100 most influential intellectuals today where he praised the nation and predicted a bright future. Prof. Mazrui was in particular intrigued by the then Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. One decade later, you won’t hear the Kenyan-American professor talking of Malaysia.

That was when the economy was strong, institutional rot hidden from the public, social discontent minimal, political demagoguery not widely practiced, and Malaysia was surging. Dr. Mahathir and his then Deputy, Anwar Ibrahim were extremely popular in the Muslim (and non Muslim to a large extent) world. They were where the Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan is today. Unchallenged and probably unparalleled when measured against fellow Muslim leaders.

Then came 1998, where Dr Mahathir and Anwar clashed over the 1997/8 Asian Financial Crisis and some internal succession politics. Anwar was sacked, brutally beaten and jailed on fabricated charges of sodomy. Dr. Mahathir, realizing Anwar’s appeal both locally and abroad went overdrive to neutralize him. He did it (at least till he left power in 2003) but at the expense of Malaysia. Malaysia has never recovered from that humiliating experience since then and it will never. Make no mistake about it; neither Dr. Mahathir nor Malaysiawill recover from that ugly episode.

Anwar today is facing sodomy charges again. The new allegation would even beat the first one in stupidity. At least, in the first one, Malaysians were innocent enough to be shocked. Now, they aren’t. In fact, they have become accustomed to the brutality of the system that they smile, resigned to that fate. Only Chinua Achebe can describe their resignation and hopelessness like he did in his A Man of the People. Foreign students in Malaysia joke about this immoral politics. ‘Why doesn’t Malaysia introduce Bachelor in Sodomology’ they joke. Then they can shout to the world that they can (boleh) as they say in Malaysia.

This is a nation that’s losing its soul, its spiritual side, its human side. It is becoming concrete, merciless, immoral, godless and utterly ruthless. All the signs that the edifice is to come tumbling down are there, but the elite are interested in one thing: assassinating Anwar and they refuse to see the imminent danger.

But that’s not the subject here; it is the defeatism culture of the Malay leadership. Being a Somali ethnic myself, I’m in no position to blame others or point out their shortcomings, after all, my people have nothing to be proud of. May be Islam only, and even that Islam, they have rendered it cruel and tribal.

In Malaysia, there are three main races, the Malays who are the majority, the Chinese and the Indians, then there is motley of other races and tribes but politics revolves around the three main ones.Malaysia’s greatest challenge has been how to balance the economic disparity between the native Malays and the migrant communities who have made big (at least many of them) in Malaysia. The racial riots of 1969 define Malaysia till today.

After that deadly rioting, a new economic policy (NEP) was formulated. The target was to alleviate Malay poverty (plus the poverty of others), rearrange the economic imbalance, support Malays to get a foothold and make them have at least 30% equity. Four decades later, it stands at 19%. In those four decades, entire countries were built from scratch, of course others failed, but inMalaysia, they couldn’t manage one policy in four decades and worse, many continue to insist that the failed policy should be maintained. Like a drug addict who holds on to his fatal drugs, some Malays have become addicts. It is killing them, killing their souls, killing their humanity, killing their spirit, killing their will, killing their dignity, killing their Islam and killing their country.

The trouble is the Malay leadership. Having seen their people have become addicts, they lack the charisma to tell them that the nation must cross a new frontier and meet today’s challenges with new policies that are effective, economically sound and free of corruption. You can’t stick to a policy that failed. Four decades is what a nation needs to rise, not for a single policy to be implemented.

Of course there is Anwar Ibrahim, always the rabble rouser who called the policy obsolete and formulated a new policy. But rather than debating on the merits of his new policy, the ruling party, UMNO, and its apparatchiks dismissed Anwar as a traitor, IMF funded rogue who wants to destroy the Malays. To me, Anwar is a great leader and UMNO leaders are leaders. The difference between the two is that a great leader takes his people where they don’t want to be but aught to be and a leader takes his people where they want. And when you listen to what your people like PERKASA’s Ibrahim Ali and other Manglish speaking, Utusan consuming hordes want, you fail in your leadership role and that’s what’s happening in Malaysia.

In the four to five years that I have been in Malaysia, I have never heard a single Malay leader apart from Anwar Ibrahim and former Finance Minister and UMNO’s only conscientious member (apart from a blogger called Sakmongkol) Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah say the Malays CAN! I always hear, “The Malays are weak, the Malays can’t compete, the Malays don’t have the Chinese civilization, the Malays are not tough enough to survive on their own, the Malays need help, the Malays are under threat” and etc.

Dr. Mahathir, the former PM and a notoriously racial leader continues to stoke the embers of racism and warned the Malays that that they were losing Malaysia to the non-Malays. He knows they aren’t losing but his target is to scare villagers into supporting the ruling party and thus prevent his arch-rivals, Anwar and PAS leaders from coming into power. I have no problem with politics, but destructive politics that destroys the very fabric of your nation and mismanages the destiny of that nation is both immoral and evil.

When I hear UMNO Malay leaders humiliate their own people by saying they are weak, can’t compete and need perpetual crutches, I always ask myself: what’s their intention? When you publicly and before the world camera repeat and repeat that your people are a bunch of hapless people, what do you want the world to do? To issue a Guinness World Records’ certificate of collective stupidity to your people?

Why not praise your people instead? Why not say my people can? Why not raise up their spirit? Why not show them the opportunities the world has rather than cocooning them here alone? Why not remind them Islam and Allah’s order to Muslims to seek His bounties on earth and toil? A believer doesn’t fail and worse, a believer doesn’t engage in defeatism. “Ta-Ha. We have not revealed the Quran to you that you may be unsuccessful.” (20-1-2. Holy Quran, Shakir)

There was a Tab’ie (follower of the Prophet’s Companions) who one day came a long two men fighting. One was being humiliated. So he wanted to raise the spirits of the defeated guy. He reminded him of his faith, of his people’s past glories, of his ability, of grandfathers, of his own, and instantly the man was charged. I can’t recollect the entire story but I remember the Tabi’e also said had the other man being the one humiliated, he would have reminded him of many good things and helped him rise.

The moral of the story? Always remind your people of what’s good! Of their past glories to draw lessons, always point to their future. Remind them about their name and dignity. Tell them of the teachings of their faith. Islam is basically about creating success stories, not a whining society that’s hopeless. You are in a fight, a perpetual fight and this fight can’t be won through simplistic ideas. It needs resilience, patience, innovation, faith, sobriety, thinking, good leadership, honest administrators and just leaders (institutions).

This battle needs sacrifice. This battle needs toil and tears. Allah (sw) didn’t see it fit to send even His Prophets free food. There is nothing called free here. All our Prophets worked hard and were herdsmen. Why do you think they had to occupy the lowest of jobs to survive? It’s meant to remind us work is what’s important and earning halalincome is our destiny. Rent-seeking, corruption, sleaze, cronyism and opportunism destroy a nation.

Mukhtar al Bukhary is not a success story. Which part of meeting a minister in his private sitting room and cutting deals is a success? Can he stand tall and be proud? The world would laugh at him, but UMNO says that’s the success of NEP. Poorah! A successful story inspires generations or even nations. Bill Gates inspired nations. He invented something, promoted it and benefited billions. He continues to inspire billions. Can Bukhary do the same? He can’t. When you give Naza 18,000 APs and they make some easy money, it that a success story that can inspire the future Malays? Which part of it is a success?

But we can have a successful Malay community by sticking to the book, rule of law, Godliness, and meritocracy. You deserve: you get, you don’t deserve: you won’t get it. Period! We need to have some policy to help the Malays, but we need results as well. I want to remind the Malays one thing, if you are unjust, you will lose this nation. That’s how God’s creation order works. Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said: “God upholds the just state even if it is unbelieving, but does not uphold the unjust state even if it is Muslim.”

In other words, God would help and sustain a non-Muslim person/state that’s just than a Muslim person/state that is not. This is simple because the Prophets were sent to bring justice and God’s creation order stands on justice. If you want to have NEP, include the Chinese and Indian orphans and widows and the needy among all races. That way, you will continue to rule and prosper. But if you think voting PERKASA and UMNO will make you safe and sustainable, then you are mistaken. You will drown sooner than you can imagine. It is justice that would maintain you and settle for good leadership.

There can no be 100% successful policy or state, but being righteous and godly, being fair and just, being honest and incorruptible helps. And please, for once, defeat PERKASA and PERKASA minded parties. If you don’t look inward, if you don’t ask critical questions and examine yourselves, if you believe the hyperbole of PERKASA and its financiers, there will come a time when it is too late to salvage this nation and regret comes later. May Allah (sw) bless u all and guide us! Amin!

“And those who strive in Our (cause),- We will certainly guide them to our Paths: For verily Allah is with those who do right.Holy Quran 29: 69)

Source: http://kenyannomad.blogspot.com/2010/06/building-society-through-defeatism.html

916M: Gertak Chicken Out Lest Loss of Sibu

So gungho, so how could they have chickened out?

The only reason is that they are scared that they will lose Sibu.

If they go ahead, the Chinese in Sibu will surely swing towards Pakatan.

Just as simple as that.

916 Movement


Malaysia Kini: Perhimpunan ‘Bangkit Melayu’ ditangguh
Regina Lee
Mei 12, 10

Perhimpunan ‘Melayu Bangkit’ yang dijadual berlangsung di Terengganu esok sempena ulang tahun peristiwa berdarah 13 Mei 1969, telah ditangguhkan.

Pengerusi Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat (Gertak), Razali Idris berkata penganjur bersamanya, Institut Integriti Terengganu telah menasihatkan supaya perhimpunan itu ditangguhkan.

“Ramai yang be

lum faham objektif sebenar kami. Kami tidak mahu isu ini dipolitikkan oleh mereka tidak tahu,” katanya ketika dihubungi.

Perhimpunan itu diadakan dalam usaha untuk “memotivasikan” masyarakat Melayu serta bagi memperingati ulangtahun ke-41 peristiwa berdarah 13 Mei.

Mengikut perancangan awalnya, kira-kira 10,000 akan berhimpun di stadium tertutup Gong Badak di Kuala Terengganu esok.

Semalam PAS membantah penganjuran perhimpunan tersebut kerana beranggapan ianya “berbahaya dan tidak sihat” kepada hubungan kaum di Malaysia.

Source: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/131613