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916M: Soi Lek, the question is not whether to ditch UMNO, but when …

Soi Lek and MCA, time to go boys!

You guys have been playing it by the rules, and toeing the line, because you are part of the team.

Playing it by the rules and toeing the line should only be done if it is a level playing field, and if you are respected in reciprocation.

Your big brother seems not to be respecting you at all, screaming as if you are their dogs.

Honestly, there is really no point in staying.

The issue at hand is not really whether you should ditch UMNO, but as to when you should ditch UMNO.

Yes, 308 gave you a really tight slap, and granted, you did wake up. Yes, you did try to speak louder.

We can understand that you held back after 308 because you realised that if you had ditched UMNO then, at a time when the turmoil continued, it would have caused more distress. Yes, it was an acceptable decision to hold back, and give UMNO a chance.

But after 2 years +, you can see for fact that it will be very difficult for UMNO to change (well, we personally think that it will be an impossibility).

So, there is really no doubt that you have to leave BN, unless UMNO changes.

As noted, it is a question of when, and you have 2 options:

+ Option 1: leave after GE13, ie after UMNO is decimated, by which time they will be rendered powerless to incite trouble, especially in blaming you for causing instability by leaving BN, or

+ Option 2: leave now or at the next most opportune moment

Leaving after GE13 will be the safest option; but you run the risk of being seen as cowardly.

Leaving now or at the next most opportune moment is no doubt dangerous. Because those idiots will use this as an excuse to incite trouble, blaming it on the ungrateful Chinese. Of course too, there will be the danger of the likes of Ibrahim Perkosa pushing harder for Malay unity.

But we do not think that you will stand to lose. Yes, as Choon Mei has pointed out, you need not join Pakatan, but can be independents (no, not the useless and hopeless Temporary Independents like Zahrain, Wee, Tan, etc).

It is actually a question of your survival, and you must transfrom, and the question is when.

Over to you Soi Lek.

916 Movement

P/S: Or at the next most opportune moment, especially when you are whacked again, state emphatically that the MCA will proactively review its position in the BN.


Choon Mei: Time for Soi Lek and MCA to pull out of the BN

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

Fresh from drawing fire from the Chinese community for perceived cowardice, MCA president Chua Soi Lek is now getting whacked left, right and center by Malay leaders in Umno and PAS , who are upset that he has blamed them for undermining Malaysia’s economic potential.

PAS leaders, who sit on the opposite side of the political divide, have accused him of involving their party because he was too afraid to hit out at Umno alone. They minced no words, describing him as being desperate to stem his sliding popularity with the Chinese.

But harsh though their words may be, it was Umno leaders like Khir Toyo who delivered the real killer blow. The former Selangor MB, in disgrace due to a slew of corruption allegations, spitefully suggested that Chua was trying to make people blame Islam. What a sure fire way to turn even the smallest storm in a teacup into a full-blown tornado!

“This is very dangerous. People might start blaming Islam because of what he said… they might blame Islam and say that corruption in the country is rampant because of the religion,” Malaysian Insider quoted Khir as saying.

Most Chinese would agree with Chua

What did Chua actually say to create such a commotion? “When Umno and PAS use religion to strengthen their influence, we can see that some non-progressive policies are made and that the country has been trapped as a middle income nation for more than 10 years,” Chua had told an MCA convention in Kedah.

So basically, what the MCA president was saying was that because of the Umno and PAS tendency to play up religious issues to win over Malay voters, it has led to “non-progressive” policies which have resulted in the entire nation suffering the effects of economic underperformance.

Is this true? Ask any non-Malay, especially the Chinese, and don’t be surprised as many as 9 out of 10 would agree – and absolutely too! Umno should commission a survey if it doesn’t believe this is so.

But that’s not the point. What is most important now for Chua to note because this is what all the other Chinese in the country are noting is the total disrespect that Khir and his colleagues have shown to him, the MCA and the Chinese community by extension.

None of his Umno colleagues appear to have spared any thought as to how tough the MCA predicament must be given the changing times and having to work under a “bully” boss like Umno. All that Khir and his ilk are interested in is how they can further slaughter Chua and his party to maximize their own brownie points with their community.

Only one way to fight and that is all the way

How Chua responds now is most crucial. He does not have to bother with the likes of Khir, who is not respected by any one worth knowing anyway.

But if Chua backs down again – whether the rebuke comes from Prime Minister Najib Razak or former premier Mahathir Mohamad himself – then the MCA is finished. Forever finished! It should then ‘corporatize’, be an education and media company, but stay out of politics.

There is only one way for Chua to fight back and that is all the way. His only meaningful weapon is the 15 parliamentary seats that the MCA holds. This is the time when all members, especially the 15 MPs, should close ranks and express their support for him.

If he fails them, then they must throw him out. If Umno continues to disrespect the MCA, please pull out from the Barisan Nasional.

Throughout the country – from peninsula to East Malaysia and regardless of whether they are MCA members or not – the Chinese will clap and support such a decision. If only Chua has the guts to do so, then there is still a chance his party can retain some of those 15 seats.

The MCA does not have to join Pakatan Rakyat if it does not wish to. It can try being a truly independent party, although to be one, it must take care not to troll with the likes of Zul Noordin, Zahrain Hashim and Wee Choo Keong.

Koh Tsu Koon and Gerakan must follow. There is really no other way out.

The MCA is a wealthy party. It has built cash reserves if not in billions than at least hundreds of millions. The future is a very long time. With this cash hoard, heal and revamp the MCA. But do not ‘drop the face’ of the community anymore.

Source: http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/2010/08/time-for-soi-lek-and-mca-to-pull-out.html