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916M: Wisdom for the Day: It is Our MONEY

Just realised this one thing, after reading about the government possibly having to bear the losses of the double-tracking rail system of RM 1.14B.

So, how is it that we all do not react much, if at all, to such news?

It is probably because we have been conditioned to live with it, to accept it.

We guess, not many of us do realise that it is actually our money, ie our tax money.

So, if we start to realize that it is actually our money that the irresponsible politicians are wasting, yes, we will react.

We say too that this is attributable to them who make us feel as if we are second or even third class citizens. Hence, “why should we care?”

And no, we are not second or third class citizens. We are first class citizens.

The time has come, things must not be allowed to go on like this, things must change, and it must start with us, at least in so far as our thinking is concerned.

And change it must, RIGHT NOW!!!

And let us spread the wisdom around.

916 Movement

P/S: This is the first in our series of Wisdom for the Day; hopefully, we will be able to share short and to-the-point thoughts and ideas with you.