Why 916M?

Why 916M?

In the first instance, you may ask, what is 916?

916 refers to September 16, 2008, the 45th Malaysia Day, or 45th National Day of Malaysia, or the day 45 years after Malaysia was formed.

Actually, 916 means more than just the 45th Malaysia Day; it is symbolic of a new Malaysia, or Malaysia Baru.

916, as promoted by the Pakatan Rakyat Government-in-Waiting, has given many Malaysians fresh hopes, hopes of vibrant and dynamic nation, led by visionary and responsible leaders, as endorsed by forward-looking and contented Rakyat (People) who believe in the need for good governance founded on principles of balance and fairness.

Hopes for Malaysia Baru, or for that matter, for 916, were ignited after 308, or March 8, 2008, being the GE12 or 12th General Election, or the day Malaysians sent a powerful message of disapproval to the incumbent Barisan Nasional Government.

916 may have passed without the change in government (yet) as hoped for by many Malaysians, but the desire for change continues to smoulder.

916 may happen soon; if not, it will certainly happen at the GE13, or 13th General Election circa 2013.

Hence, the 916 Movement, or 916M, or NOSM for simplicity of pronunciation (Nine-One-Six-Movement), is hereby established to bring together the many Malaysians who want to see a brighter future for the nation and its children.