What is 916M?

What is 916M?

916M is, at least for now, a network of Malaysian bloggers and Malaysian blog readers, as well as friends of Malaysia, who are desirous in seeing and bringing about change for a better Malaysia.

It has been observed that whilst political awakening has started way before 308, political consciousness mushroomed circa and especially after 308.

It has also been observed that there presently exists a tremendous amount of energies which remain untapped, which if tapped and focused in the right direction, will certainly bring about the desired changes.

Currently, much energies are being expended on promoting political blogs which provide reporting and opportunities for comments. Whilst there has been successful joint initiatives of bloggers as supported by blog readers, it is observed that opportunities exist for more focused effort, tapping into both the energies of bloggers and blog readers, and aimed at effective (as distinct to dispersed) strategies.

Assuming that there are presently 1,000 active bloggers and 100,000 active blog readers, with each spending say 1 hour per day and 10 minutes per day respectively, we have 1,060,000 minutes being invested each day, and assuming that we can tap into 30% of these minutes, we would have 318,000 minutes per day, which is a lot of energies. Hence, as you can imagine, it would not be impossible if we really want to come up with, say a petition of 1,000,000 signatories.

Given that most of us have full-time or other commitments elsewhere (or rather, not many of us can commit to this cause or other similarly noble causes on a full-time basis), it is very important that we remain focused on creating and implementing effective strategies. We must not be all over the place, as if we do, we would certainly not be able to achieve our goals effectively, if at all.

As such, we wish to, for a start, invite like-minded fellow bloggers and blog readers to participate in identified key strategies, which strategies can be fine-tuned through your input, and which strategies are primarily focused on ensuring that Malaysia will be led by a progressive and responsible government, either in the immediate future or by GE13.

It is envisaged that as 916M grows, and after cohesive processes being put in place, additional strategies and focus areas will be added, so as to enhance the diversity and richness of 916M.

Ultimately, 916M is envisaged to be a Movement of Malaysians who care for the nation by contributing towards developing 916M into a leading Think and Action Tank.

916M is not intended as any clandestine or subversive entity, but intended as a virtual network of bloggers and blog readers, as well as friends, who believe in democracy and legitimacy of its initiatives.

Certainly, 916M may develop beyond its ultimate vision as envisioned presently, but rest assured 916M will be developed in accordance with fundamental democratic principles, for 916M is one hope of the Rakyat, by the Rakyat, and for the Rakyat.