916M MPs and ADUNs Research Support

916M MPs and ADUNs Research Support

If you wish to support your MPs and ADUNs, let us know and we will form the relevant blog focus group for the relevant MP and/or ADUN.

This way, you can help your MP and ADUN contribute to the nation and state.


One response to “916M MPs and ADUNs Research Support

  1. MPS – it is my belief that current mps are not performing their duties efficiently. The Parliament has become ‘a quarrelsome’ place. No one
    contributing sensibly. Like in other countries they must talk ‘sense’ – here mostly they talk non-sense and irrelevant ideas. Parliment is not democratic it is suppoed to be. It is one side umno Parliament – not PEOPLES PARLIAMENT.

    Except a few, most of them have no idea at all about law, justice, democracy.

    A school should be set up in Parliament to teach the above subject. Millions are spent on them. The moment they are elected, they are more concerned about, buying a, getting allowances. I understand the people
    pay them a minimum of 20,000 ringgit a month, while they cannot fix a minimum wage of $800 rinngit for the workers.

    The behaviour of the speaker is also deporable; He openly supports in Parliament the UMNO.

    You visit Indian Parliament website;; everyday the debates are broadcast openly. We have no open direct broadcast; They fear that their
    idocy will be know. It is a trend all over the world to telecast direct the performance in Parliament. So that People can form opinions about their ability and knowledge of Parliamentary Democracy

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