916M: Batu Sapi: Please Do Not “Not Listen” …

Pete is right, “I told you so …” (per Carrie Underwood’s song) …

So, they said that UMNO was in disarray …

So, they said they have the confidence to win …

See, what happened?

Sure, they can argue that even if SAPP and PKR had joined forces, they would not have won anyway.

No, if SAPP and PKR had joined forces, it is possible that the majority would not have been so great.

If SAPP and PKR had joined forces, people would not have lost confidence in the opposition (ie SAPP and PKR) being in disarray. When the Rakyat feels that if you cannot get your act together, why should I vote you? I might as well vote for the lesser and  more stable evil?

If SAPP and PKR had joined forces, it would have conveyed a strong, cooperative and credible opposition.

Now it is for sure that the Sarawak elections will come next …

… and after that GE13.

Why wouldn’t Najib? He has already started to build his momentum …

If Barisan wins GE13, we can kiss reformation goodbye.

Fortunately, Sarawak Pakatan has said that they have worked out the seats.  We can only hope that Sarawak Pakatan can stop the Barisan march forward.

But if this last bastion of Sarawak falls, then bye-bye Pakatan, and Putrajaya will just become a dream, no, a fantasy.

See, the point is not that we do not trust your judgment.

The point is that you did not make sense. How is it that a 3-corner fight will be beneficial for the Rakyat? Even a small kid can tell you that a 2-corner fight will be able to produce better results.

So, please, please, please do not “not listen” …

We will give you one last chance …

916 Movement



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