916M: Malaysia can never produce Sorcerer’s Apprentice unless …

There is no doubt that Sorcerer’s Apprentice is Awesome.



… and much more.

As the movie is being played, one cannot help but ask as to whether Malaysia can one day produce movies such as this.

Can Malaysia?

Maybe can, but certainly not now.

A lot of expertise, technology, discipline, etc is required before we can produce such awesome, spell-binding, creative, etc movies.

It is not that we cannot do it, just that we do not yet have the infrastucture, human capital, etc to pursue such dreams.

And why is it that we do not have such infrastructure, human capital, etc?

It is because the country is in shambles.

We have a minister saying that we cannot afford to give scholarships, yet we can afford to move our Parliament.

We have ministers who spend more time politicking, than focusing on building the necessary infrastructure for today and tomorrow.

We also have pitiful politicians who plead for antiquated race-based rights, when in fact, they should be leading all to improve themselves.

We have all the crap, except the talent to put this nation back on track.

So, can Malaysia produce Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

No, unless … BN is booted out come GE13!

So, how do we boot BN out?

Well, easy, let us spend more time coming up with strategies for GE13.

Let us also encourage more to register as voters.

Let us convince more people that unless BN is booted out come GE13, Malaysia can never progress!

916 Movement


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