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916M: Anwar, where’s the Shadow Cabinet, etc???

There is fear amongst us that the road to Putrajaya is starting to look dimmer and dimmer.

No doubt, Najib is smart enough to know where to strike, to focus on where it matters, ie money in the pockets, or enhanced economic prosperity. It is indeed a fact that when people are better off, they will complain less.

Coupled with the bias use of MSM, especially in making Pakatan looking like fools, Najib is apparently making it look as if BN is gaining ground.

Those of us who believe that Malaysia will never be transformed unless BN is booted out, will remain steadfast to this belief. But there are many others, especially fence-sitters who may be swayed.

Pakatan is really not doing enough, and if it does not seize the opportunity of the balance of 2 to 3 years before GE13, the 308 Political Tsunami, in the words of Kit Siang, will just be seen as a “one term wonder”.

Pakatan must wake up! And wake up now it must!

Where’s the Shadow Cabinet?

OK, it is difficult to build the Shadow Cabinet, but can’t you at least try to push out some common platform?

What happened to The People’s Voice and The People’s Declaration which you had said you would adopt?

If you do not move your butt now, and move quickly at that, it will just be goodbye to you come GE13.

916 Movement