Current Mission of the 916 Movement

This 916 Movement is a Think and Action Tank dedicated to fellow Malaysians and friends of Malaysia who wish to see and bring about a better future for Malaysia.

The Current Mission of 916 Movement is to assist the Pakatan Rakyat to form Federal Government at GE13


2 responses to “Welcome

  1. I don’t think we can afford to wait till GE13 to remove and replace the rogue Umno/BN regime!

    As long as the ISA and Sedition Act remain in place, Nazak & his cousin can use them to lock up all Pakatan Rakyat leaders on the flimsiest excuse (after all, any threat to Umno’s power will be interpreted as a threat to “national security” or “economic stability”). Our best hope is that our brothers and sisters in Sarawak and Sabah will wake up, smell the shit, and pull out of BN en masse. Please…


  2. One Anak Bangsa Malaysia

    Antares, we certainly agree with you that we must remove UMNO / BN as immediately as possible. It appears that UMNO is doing whatever they can (eg intimidate, bully, mislead, etc) in the hope that they can at least retain 51% of the seats come GE13, whilst at the same time, they will cleanse whatever coffers they can get hold of, so that in the event they get wiped out come GE13, they still have something in hand. However, we must be realistic about the opportunities which we currently have in wanting to remove and replace UMNO / BN way before GE13, because they are, with the help of planted supporters in such greater-BN “component parties” as the Election Commission, MACC, AG, Police, and Judiciary, they will do whatever they can to intimidate and push their way around. Imagine, they can even physically cart out a Speaker and declare the Assembly as being constitutionally taken over.

    Liew Chin Tong noted in one of his recent articles that we just need a 10% swing against BN to capture 139 seats, which is sufficient to give Malaysia a new life. Hence, all we need to do now is to focus on swinging the said 10%, by going proactively to educate, get more to sign up to vote, etc (including of course, convincing our brethrens in Sabah and Sarawak to rise to the occasion).

    Let us continue to believe that we will be able to achieve this at least 10% swing, and let us work on it from now!


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