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916M: Isa? Either Way, UMNO Loses


Goodness! As Mahathir and Ku Li had asked, is UMNO running out of candidates of calibre?

Sure, Isa did serve well (well, according to them).

But there is one stain; Isa was found guilty of corruption by UMNO itself.

So, how come UMNO can now turn around and say that it is OK to nominate Isa?

It is either, OK, Isa was guilty but has already been punished. So, it is OK for him to come back.

Or it is that Isa was actually not guilty, ie UMNO was wrong.

Huh? It does not make any sense. Well, it is OK, actually, UMNO does not make sense.

One would have thought they would have selected Isa’s son. If Isa’s son, UMNO may win.

OK, it is now Isa.

We bet that the chances are that PR will win, on grounds that the electorate will not vote for someone who is tainted.

Ie, UMNO will lose.

OK, say Isa wins. As Guan Eng had said, UMNO may win the battle this round, they will effectively lose the war through this bi-election.


Well, Isa’s win will just send a message to all Malaysians that it is OK to accept corrupted politicians.

So how?

Well, come GE13, UMNO will sure lose one…

As said, either way, UMNO will just lose!

916 Movement


916M: Perak Assembly Dissolution Soon?

Great stuff!

Now the Ipoh HIgh Court has ruled that it has no jurisdiction to hear Sivakumar’s suit against Ganesan. (Really, how stupid can they get? One moment they made judgment, another moment they say cannot.)

So, where does this lead us to?

Go back to the Assembly? Goodness! How? There are 2 Assemblies. So, which Assembly do we refer to?

Obviously they want us to go back to the BN Assembly.

They could not have allowed Sivakumar’s matter to be heard in the High Court, because when the matter is tried, how can the High Court say that the physical removal of Sivakumar, and removal without following proper procedures are correct? So, instead of again washing the dirty linen in public, it is better to say that the High Court does not have jurisdiction.

Again, it is a case of them not being able to see that when they turn the other way, it is also stalemate. Or maybe they had to choose this path, because this is the less embarassing and less politically damaging route.

Now, OK, High Court has no jurisdiction. Assembly in stalemate. So, how?

It appears that the next best course of action is to go back to the Sultan.

Maybe they had planned this. Maybe they will allow for the Sultan to dissolve the Perak Assembly through this strategy. Maybe not.

Whatever the case, Pakatan should take this opportunity to seek audience with the Sultan.

The last time, the Sultan said that the views of the court ought to be sought.

Now that the courts say that they do not have any jurisdiction, so, Pakatan should ask the Sultan to intervene.

If Zambry sees the need to go back to Perakians, and has been planning this all along (so that he looks good and/or can try to redeem himself), he will say that since there is a stalemate, he will have to seek audience with the Sultan to seek consent for dissolution.

What if Zambry still does not want to let go?

This means that Pakatan will have to find a way to compel the Sultan to have to decide on dissolution. Or Pakatan will just have to try to seek audience with the Sultan, on the basis that the last time, the Sultan (or actually Raja Muda?) had said that they will wait for the courts to decide first?

Whichever the case, Pakatan must push on, for a dissolution and subsequent elections.

Wager anyone? Perak Assembly dissolution soon?

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