916M: Perak: Solution for Constitutional Crisis

Great move Sivakumar, Nizar & Co!!!

Now that the Perak Assembly has reaffirmed its support for Nizar, and resolved to dissolve the Assembly, the next step now is to seek audience with DYMM Sultan Azlan to convince the Sultan to dissolve the Assembly.

However, it will not be just as easy as Nizar requesting for audience with the Sultan, and presto! audience will be granted.

In order that the desired solution can be achieved, we need to take a step back, and see it from the eyes of the Sultan.

Right now, the Sultan has 2 options, if presented with the request to decide on whether to dissolve the State Assembly or not; one is to say ‘yes’, the other is to say ‘no’.

Let us start with the Sultan being not supportive of dissolution, for whatever reasons he may hold. That being the case, the Pakatan Folks in the Perak Assembly will have to work harder, to steer the situation such that the Perak Pakatan Folks will be in full control of the State, until such time either the Sultan or Zambry & Co gives in. (As we see it, the only way out is via a snap election, and in the worst case scenario, if neither the Sultan nor Zambry & Co budges, then the Perak Assembly will have to assume control of the State until GE13 in circa 2013.)

However, as it stands now, with the constitutional crisis, it is highly likely that the Sultan will favour dissolution, given also the reaction from Perakians which hopefully the Sultan would have seen since his first decline to Nizar’s request for dissolution.

But if Nizar were to seek audience with the Sultan, it would be difficult for the Sultan to agree to the meeting, because in doing so, this will be tantamount to acknolwedging that he was wrong and/or that his appointment of Zambry was also wrong.

To overcome this impasse, our proposal is for Sivakumar, in his capacity as the Speaker of the Perak Assembly, to seek audience with the Sultan with the objective to persuade the Sultan to consider dissolution, on the basis that the Assembly had earlier today resolved to dissolve the Assembly.

Sivakumar also needs to invite Nizar and Zambry along, so that this will present the Sultan with an opportunity to mediate for a solution. With Zambry attending the said meeting, he will, in the eyes fo the Sultan, be attending in the capacity of the Menteri Besar whom the Sultan had appointed, and as such, the Sultan’s agreement to the said meeting can be made on the basis that the ‘duly’ appointed Menteri Besar is present.

We can then leave it to the Sultan, Sivakumar, Nizar and Zambry to decide on the outcome of the said meeting, and hopefully, the Sultan will subsequent to the said meeting give consent to dissolution.

One other difficult bit here is that Zambry may not play ball, or may not even attend the said meeting, in which case, it will then be left to the Sultan to decide on the basis of Sivakumar’s request for the meeting to convey the wishes of the Perak Assembly.

Of course, as noted earlier, if the Sultan does not agree to Sivakumar’s request for audence, then the Pakatan Folks will have to go back to the drawing board.

As it stands now, we firmly believe that the proposed solution above, ie Sivakumar seeks audience inviting Nizar and Zambry along, is the best solution which we can think of; certainly better than Nizar seeking audience with the Sultan, which in greater likelihood, the Sultan will not agree.

In any case, let us hope that the Perak Pakatan Folks will consider this or similar strategy, and let us take it a step at a time.

We now certainly have the upper hand, and let us take it easy.

We will get there.

916 Movement

P/S: Anil, great technique!

MalaysiaKini: Ball now in Perak Sultan’s court

“This is a historic and meaning sitting. History has been made for the people of Perak and all those who loves democracy.”

That is the response of Pakatan Rakyat leader Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin after the emergency sitting of the Perak legislative assembly was held today.

The meeting, which needed a quorum of 16, was convened under a tree outside the state secretariat complex in Ipoh where the state assembly is located.

The 28 Pakatan state representatives were earlier barred from entering the complex.

Pakatan has won a moral victory of sorts by passing a vote of confidence for Mohd Nizar as the legitimate menteri besar as well as to dissolve the assembly to pave the way for fresh elections, but the outcome of the sitting will not be immediately known.

It is for certain that Mohd Nizar will try to seek an audience with Perak Sultan Azlan Shah as soon as possible to convey the assembly’s resolutions.

All eyes are now on the sultan’s response to this latest development and whether Barisan Nasional, which took power in the state early last month under controversial circumstances, will try to invalidate the decisions made during the sitting.

At a press conference later, Mohd Nizar appeared in a jovial mood flanked by his state representatives and several Pakatan MPs from other states.

“We have gotten the consensus for us to recommend to the sultan that the state assembly be dissolved. It there is no dissolution, the constitutional crisis (in Perak) will go on and political stability would be affected,” said Mohd Nizar.

“So we are crying from the bottom of our hearts for the people of Perak to urge the sultan to listen to the voices of the people and dissolve the state assembly. If not, the crisis would go on and on. We do not want that.”

Assembly meeting ‘lawful’

Mohd Nizar stressed that the sitting was lawful because assembly speaker V Sivakumar had issued a notice to all state representatives, except those who are suspended, to attend the assembly.

However, because the police and an unknown group of men had prevented the state reps from entering the state assembly today, the sitting was held under a large raintree in a carpark just a stone’s throw from the state assembly.

The meeting chaired by Sivakumar, who donned his speaker’s ceremonial robe. None of the BN state assemblypersons however turned up for the meeting.

Mohd Nizar added that under the instruction of the sultan, any sitting of the state assembly must be held within the assembly, but since the building had been sealed off, alternative arrangements had to be made.

“We were prevented from entering the building, so out of the doctrine of necessity, we held the sitting as close as possible, so the location underneath the raintree was best,” he said.

However, he stressed that the sitting followed all procedures and was held in accordance to the assembly standing orders and state constitution.

Following the passing of the resolutions this morning, Mohd Nizar said that his government would still have to do some paper work before he can seek an audience with the sultan.

“After we finish preparing the documents, I will seek for an audience with the sultan to present him with the resolutions that were passed earlier as soon as possible,” he said.

Should the sultan not recognise the legitimacy of the sitting and not grant consent for the dissolution of the state assembly, Mohd Nizar said Pakatan would do whatever necessary within the confines of the law.


Anilnetto.com: LIVE from Perak: Will democracy survive?

Good morning! Perak has been very much in our thoughts these days as democracy hangs in the balance. Let’s say a prayer that justice, wisdom, and good sense will prevail today.
I am actually in Penang now, waiting for the first reports from my contact at the scene in Ipoh.
[Comment From mahyuddin mahzan]
May God protect the peace and stability in Perak especially Ipoh. May the people of Ipoh stand up for their rites. This is a sad day indeed and i pay for the better.
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This is another view of the state government building, which also houses the state assembly, where some of the drama is likely to occur.
[Comment From s.james]
for justice and fairness in this David and Goliath epic, Let us pause for a moment,pray to the almighty God in our own diversified way for a peaceful solution to the standoff
[Comment From sitiawan]
Hope everything will be alright. I’m hoping the police will do their job professionally this time.
[Comment From doovad]
i’m atheist. i do pray. for the inner souls of all to be heard and intra-heard today. from royalties to the man-in-the-street. pause. listen. namaste. we are one. if we have all prayed in our own ways of wiping out corruption and evil, we all will have to live through the detoxification process. the symptoms have surfaced over these years. the remedy can be bitter. but always for the better.
My contact is heading to the High Court, which will hear Zambry’s suits at 9.00am.
Zambry has filed two suits. The first is over Speaker Sivakumar’s use of undated letters to declare seats vacant. The second is over the suspensions of Zambry and his six exco members.
[Comment From Elijah Rajendran]
Let us pray for the sultan and all those in authority that we may live in peace. Also recognize that is God is greater than all men. No matter what happens today, let the ultimate victory be for true democracy!
Blogger delCapo reports that the state government building is crawling with media people and more than 150 police personnel are at the scene.
Road blocks are up and no traffic is allowed near the state government building.

This is the scene at the state government building this morning. Photo courtesy of blogger delCapo at the scene.
[Comment From delCapo]
i’m not alone…. we r a team of 3
[Comment From ohbulang]
dear anil & delCapo good jobs
[Comment From Eva]
Keep safe reporters. And thank you for bringing the news to those of us who cannot be there.
Blogger delCapo reports that the crowd is building up at the scene – but more cops than rakyat!
Another contact on the road in Ipoh reports heavy traffic in many places.
Jalan Istana, where the state government building is located, has been closed to traffic.
My contact is now in the High Court. The Speaker is being represented by five lawyers. The lead counsel is the good Tommy Thomas and he is being assisted by Chan Kok Keong, Augustine Anthony, Phillip Koh Tong Ngee and a fifth lawyer.
[Comment From Victor]
The use of the phrase ‘my contact’ makes it sound so mysterious and dramatic 🙂
Blogger delCapo, who is blogging live at delcapo.wordpress.com, reports that an FRU truck is now blocking one of the main entrances to the Dewan building area.
Another contact outside the state government building reports a crowd of about 800 in the area. That’s close to the 1,000, which delCapo had estimated earlier.
[Comment From Barathi Tamil]
Thanks to AnilNetto thanks for your up to date upate,,,,we are following up Perak situation from your update….BN still never learn from their lesson…Hope Speaker Sivakumar is Okay…Salute to Him ,from all of us here in KL
[Comment From sunny]
Wow all the top gun lawyers are there for the showdown,, great man
[Comment From abd karim bin shariff]
thanks for keeping update imformation..we pray to ALLAH pakatan heroes will win
The contact has revised the estimate of the crowd to over 1,000. People are expecting the PR Aduns to show up for the assembly sitting at 10.00am.   They Aduns are believed to be holed up at a hotel somewhere.
[Comment From Singam]
As a matter of form, the ADUNs should show up at the State Secretariat to verify the unavailability before adjourning elsewhere.

An FRU truck blocks the entrance to the state government building. Photo courtesy of blogger delCapo at delcapo.wordpress.com
The suit at the High Court is being filed by the BN state government team. My contact there says the BN is being represented by lawyers Dato Hasfarizam b Harun, Faizul Hilmi, Ahmad Zamri and Badrul Hishah b Abdul Wahab.
[Comment From joric]
Is it wise for the PR Aduns to go to the State Secretariat? Zambry has already warned that it is a treat to national security.
[Comment From David]
I don’t think so the PR Aduns will be not admitted to the State Secretariat – that will be the excuse to meet in a coffee shop and making history.
[Comment From Singam]
Malaysiakini reports that the ADUNs are on their way to the State Secretariat.
A little quarrel between an Umno supporter and a PR supporter near the state government building, says my contact there. Shouts of ‘kurang ajar‘ can be heard – but more media people around than anyone else.
Cool down, people…
[Comment From Soba]
Have not seen so many police personals before in Ipoh. I wonder where and waht they are doing on other days when crime is rampant…
[Comment From Delly]
the star reports Nizar says they will convene the assembly in a coffeeshop if need be!
The PR Aduns are now at the scene.
DAP’s Kula is accompanied by the whole team of PR Aduns and they are now about 60 metres from the entrance to the building. They have been mobbed by reporters.
[Comment From Guest]
let it be! make it happen! it will be a history!
[Comment From cicitalangtedong]
we the patient in IJN support MB Nizar till our beat of our heart…
[Comment From Ramazi]
Well done YB Dato Nizar and Sivakumar, conduct a historic State Assembly at a warung to let the rakyat see for themselves
[Comment From n]
it will be most unique assembly in history
[Comment From aduka]
go go,
Blogger delCapo reports that the crowd has been shouting,”Hidup rakyat! Hidup rakyat!”
Kula’s political secretary, Sugu, tells me that they PR Aduns had arrived from the Regency Hotel at the state secretary building at about 9.30am. He said the PR Aduns were met by a group of about 200 Umno Youth supporters who shouted unpleasant things at them.
The police have ordered the crowd to disperse or else…. the water cannons?
The police have used their loud hailer to call the Speaker to enter the building – but only the Speaker alone.
But the Speaker is not entering alone. Why should he enter alone? The Speaker has returned to his car outside and is waiting for the clock to run down to 10.00am.
The five minutes is up for the crowd to disperse, and the water cannon truck has moved to face the crowd. But my contact reports that no one appears to be budging.
[Comment From khozirah]
Ya Allah berkatilah usaha kami! Help the ADUNs make it through this!
[Comment From Nicholas]
Are we going to witness water cannon being shot at the Speaker and his team of rakyat appointed assemblymen?
[Comment From Tee]
My friend at scene call me that Nizar and team are barred from entering…
[Comment From aji]
para YBs sila ambil & bentang tikar di tengah jalan dan ada kan sidang segera….bangunan hanya lambang, YBs adalah teras nye
[Comment From Ipoh White Man]
I see the word ‘sanctity’ being used. I think it should be Parliamentary ‘sovereignty’. Malaysians would do well to read the Wikipedia entry for Parliamentary sovereignty, particularly ‘Under parliamentary sovereignty, a legislative body has absolute sovereignty, meaning it is supreme to all other government institutions (including any executive or judicial bodies as they may exist)’.
All the PR Aduns are now moving to the DAP office opposite the entrance to the state government building, reports my contact. The DAP’s Ngeh says they are going to have a press conference there.
[Comment From Dalbinder Singh]
the star reports that the circulars to close the state building are being ‘collected back’
[Comment From Singam]
While the Press Conference can be at the DAP office, the State Assembly should NOT be convened there to avoid appearance of bias.
[Comment From Jily]
My tears are rolling down, it is indeed a very sad day and there are going to be many, many, many more sad days in Malaysia!
Meanwhile, over in the High Court, my contact reports that the Judge hearing the suits is Ridwan Ibrahim.
Two lawyers from each side have been inside the Judge’s chambers for the last 20 minutes.
The Speaker and the PR Aduns are all at one corner outside the state government building. MB Nizar is inside the car. The Speaker seems about to make an announcement as to what they are going to do next, reports another contact at the scene.
[Comment From Singam]
Zambry’s two applications will be heard before Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim at High Court 4.
[Comment From ipohmali]
what? another change of judge in last minute? High Court (Special Powers and Appellate) Court judge Lau Bee Lan was appointed to hear it only yesterday!
[Comment From Ramazi]
why not conduct the assembly along the banks of the river near the secretariat building, rakyat can watch from both sides of the river. even the water canon trucks will have difficulty to engage their chemical laced water. After the assembly wash yourself in the river.Create history my dedicated YBs of Perak
[Comment From lieyns]
Fyi, Judial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim should the judge hearing the habeas corpus of Hindraf Leader last time but suddenly changed to Justice Muhammead Ideres Muhammad Rapee.
The Speaker has just announced that he will be holding the sitting of the State Assembly about 50 metres from the entrance in an open space near a couple of trees.
They are starting the proceedings with a prayer as a crowd of about 500-600 look on.
[Comment From Mat]
I asyik bdebar je, susah nak buat kerja. Hanya tunggu berita terkini. Apapun kita sama samalah berdoa kepada Allah swt supaya memberi jalan kepada PR utk mencapai kemenangan. Ya Allah, tunjuklah jalan penyelesaian kepada kami “PR” sebagaimana Engkau selamatkan Musa ketika terdesak dikejar Fir’aun di laut Merah. Amin!!
They are having the Dewan assembly sitting under a tree! They are meeting right next to my contact’s car.   It’s all very formal and they are addressing the Speaker as Yang DiPertua etc.
[Comment From BH Leow]
Malaysian Insider reported that earlier there was a scuffle at 9.40am between five men and Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen trying to enter the state secretariat compound. The five men claim to be independent and are trying to push Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin and Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen away from the entrance.
Another contact estimates that about a 1,000 people are watching the open-air proceedings. It’s a historic sitting of the Dewan. Back to the people.
[Comment From john.wu07]
Lets not worry as God does what man can’t. However man must do what they can for God to act. So PK, do what is necessary without worry
[Comment From rakyat@work]
History in the making!
[Comment From Singh_Australia!]
[Comment From MALAYSIAN]
under a tree. so be it.
[Comment From aduka]
10.15am Sidang tergempar DUN diadakan di tempat letak kenderaan diadakan juga di depan Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan setelah bangunan tersebut – yang menempatkan dewan itu – ditutup. Ia diadakan di bawah sepohon pokok, dan semua 27 wakil rakyat Pakatan termasuk menteri besar mereka hadir dengan dipengerusikan oleh Speaker yang berpakaian rasmi. Tiada kerusi untuk semua 28 ahli DUN tersebut. Sidang tergempar DUN dibuka dengan bacaan doa. 10.01am Nizar dan para wakil rakyat Pakatan – yang asalnya berdegil ingin meneruskan sidang tergempar seperti dirancang Jumaat lepas – meninggalkan pintu masuk Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan. Mereka bergerak ke tempat letak kereta, kira-kira 50 meter dari pintu masuk tersebut, untuk mesyuarat ringkas. Speaker DUN V Sivakumar turut kelihatan. Kumpulan kira-kira 200 penyokong Pakatan tidak berganjak.
[Comment From Ray]
Yeah! The assembly is having a historic sitting standing up. This should make headlines around the world.
[Comment From melaka]
melaka was also found under a tree right….. is just the right time to make history again… UNDER a tree
[Comment From Bob K]
The Assembly is not merely a building, it is the actual assembly of the people’s representatives.
[Comment From Afiq Z]
Back to basics. openness, transparent, witness democracy!
[Comment From Tension]
we have to preserve the tree for future generation to remember!!
[Comment From Peter-Ji]
Buddha received his enlightment beneath the Bodhi tree. Maybe DUN Perak historic emergency assembly is under the Ipoh tree…
[Comment From ipohmali]
Update: High Court (Special Powers and Appellate) Court judge Lau Bee Lan is to hear Nizar vs Zambry, and not Zambry vs Nizar. The hearing is today
[Comment From steve]
my white friends used to ask me if malaysians still live on trees. now i can tell them our democracy lives under the tree.
[Comment From aduka]
0.23am Usul pertama yang dibentangkan sebentar tadi – menyatakan undi percaya kepada menteri besar Pakatan Rakyat, Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin – diluluskan dengan sebulat suara. 10.18am Speaker DUN memulakan bicara dengan meminta semua yang memerhatikan perjalanan sidang itu diam sebagai tanda hormat. 10.15am Sidang tergempar DUN diadakan di tempat letak kenderaan diadakan juga di depan Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan setelah bangunan tersebut – yang menempatkan dewan itu – ditutup.
[Comment From rakyat]
Mat God/Allah/Buddha them all
[Comment From BH Leow]
I can feel the unification of different races and religions here. After all, we are all human with same values in life. This is the Malaysia, we want.

The scene outside the state government building earlier. Photo courtesy of blogger delCapo.
[Comment From john.wu07]
Jesus’ ministry was not in a church or a house or a building. Its the gathering of the people that matters, not the building. We are witnessing a historical event and this is a story that we shall tell our children of how democracy lives and how Malaysia was won!!!
[Comment From Guest]
Let’s name the fortunate tree as ” Pokok Demokrasi ” atau ” Pokok Keadilan ”
[Comment From sayang kinabalu]
let’s make the “location” as a National Democracy Heritage
[Comment From zul]
nampaknya semua bangsa mengharapkan pr kembali bekerja untuk mereka…terharunya…elakkan api perkauman,mari kita bersatu membentuk negara yang aman …semoga semuanya berjalan lancar
[Comment From jiman]
10.25am Usul kedua – membubarkan DUN – diluluskan dengan sebulat suara. 10.23am Usul pertama yang dibentangkan sebentar tadi – menyatakan undi percaya kepada menteri besar Pakatan Rakyat, Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin – diluluskan dengan sebulat suara.
The resolutions expressing support for the MB and calling for the dissolution of the assembly have been passed. Everyone is now adjourning to the DAP office.
A man was scene carrying a placard, which read “The world is watching”.
[Comment From Khoo]
I was so touched! Democracy reborned under a tree in Perak!!! Prode to be a Malaysian!
[Comment From rakyat@work]
Hooray, The state assembly has passed a vote of confidence in Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as mentri besar of Perak!
[Comment From EDDY K]
When humble people shout to the Lord, He will listen and come to their rescue. Let’s continue to fear the Lord, and ask for His mercy to deliver us from the bondage of hate.
[Comment From From Sabah]
IMHO, the assembly is the easy part…. now the MB will still need to get HRH’s consent to dissolve the assembly and path way for a new state election…
[Comment From Rose]
Tree signifies the Law. The Law is Peace among all Nations The branches of this Great Tree signify shelter, giving each individual strength and the spirit to fight for our rights. Malaysians join me in seeing democracy at last, bravo Ipoh it starts with you
[Comment From BH Leow]
It seems yesterday, the order to lock the dewan was retrieved according to Star today. IPOH: The State Secretary’s office issued circulars last evening directing staff members to cancel all appointments in the premises today because the entrances to the building would be shut. However, the circulars were retrieved about an hour after they were pasted on the doors of several offices. Later when asked if the directives had been withdrawn, State Secretary Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Hashim said: “My officer informed me that they had been collected back. I cannot comment further on that.”
[Comment From chinhuatw]
Ipoh will be remembered in the history of And Sivakumar is the William Lenthall of our time.
[Comment From lembu susu]
fr malaysiainsiderMeanwhile, Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim has ruled that five lwayers, including constitutional expert Tommy Thomas, have no locus standi to represent the Perak Speaker in court. He says the Speaker must be represented by the state legal advisor because he is part of the state government
[Comment From Krishna]
Did anyone foresee that battleground for democracy will be Ipoh. The Sennivasagam brothers will be cheering from wherever they are.
[Comment From Guest]
I’ll teach my kids to sing this nursery to commemorate this day:in full robes and pageantry, he held the state assembly in a car park, under a tree
[Comment From cicitalangtedong]
Let’s one for all and all for one ,….bukan untuk negeri Perak saja tapi untuk seluruh rakyat Malaysia dan untuk kesejahteraan seluruh rakyat yang dahagakan keadilan dan kemerdekaan sebenar benarnya.
[Comment From Democracy Voter from Sgor]
Satu bab terbaru dalam ” Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah, 3 Mac 09 di Ipoh Perak “. untuk dikenangi dan diingati buat selama-lamanya di tanahair kita yang kita cintai, bermula hari ini
delCapo reports that Nizar has also gone upstairs at the DAP office nearby for a press conference. The PKR Youth leadership is also present.
[Comment From Summer]
if you see the date translated in chinese 3-3-09 – Sang Sang Weng Kau – meaning alive forever more
[Comment From Pokok Keadilan Rakyat]
Demokrasi bawah pokok , dari rakyat , untuk rakyat , demi rakyat
The crowd in the area has dispersed.
“Proud to be part of this Perak State Assembly sitting under the tree!” reports my contact.
[Comment From alimustakim]
kalau hollywood buat filem pasal perak confirm box office. Denzel Washington jd siva.
About 1,000 people had witnessed the proceedings.
[Comment From bluesailor]
My late grandmother’s house is just 100m from the tree of freedom. I hope she loves to see this.
[Comment From Rohan]
With God all things are possible.The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree. Let us continue to pray that the rakyat’s desire and His will be done.
[Comment From Daniel]
Even though I am one of the BN component party member, I disagree to the action of the BN. BN should agree to dissolve the state assembly and let the perak people elect their own govt. Court has no right and power to decide for the people of Perak. The best solution is to dissolve the state assembly and let the people of Perak to elect their own govt. BN, you are too much. You have created hatred among the rakyat. Please stop it. The speaker, YB Siva is 100% right to call for the assembly sitting. Thank you, YB Siva.
“It was really a fantastic experience,” says my other contact. It was an open space with a couple of huge high shady trees – a large mango tree and the other one appears to be angsana tree, about 200 metres away from the entrance to state secretariat building.
The bodyguards just formed a ring around the open-air assembly and the people were encircled around Aduns, who were standing in front of the Speaker, who was also standing in his full regalia, the songkok, the black and yellow suit.
A moment of humour occurred when the Speaker asked the Aduns, “Setuju?”

Instead, of just the Aduns responding, the whole crowd shouted “Setuju!”

The Aduns had to explain to the crowd that the Setuju response was only for the Aduns.

Someone in the crowd muttered to my contact, “We are also part of this assembly. We have a right to express our confidence in the MB.”

The press conference at the DAP is still going on. A crowd of about a couple of hundred people are waiting downstairs to find out about latest developments.

Another picture courtesy of blogger delCapo.
At the High Court, the judge has said that PR lawyers have no locus standi.
[Comment From unsaid]
wad an eerie resemblance when the Buddha himself attained enlightenment under a tree.. for Sivakumar to call for the assembly sitting under a tree.. im honestly moved to tears.. With leaders of such.. Perak has hope.. Malaysia has hope…
[Comment From Amjoem]
This is historic, taking us back to the time of Jesus Christ. Jesus usually preached under the trees. Christianity developed by Jesus, nearly 2000 years ago, usually from under the trees
[Comment From Godspeak]
This event is a sign to remind us where FREEDOM begin… same with all prophets and peace leaders like Ghandi or even religious teachers they all began under a tree… God Bless All Humans
[Comment From halee]
even i m bn member but i condemm the umno way to power,saya malu betui,resign fr bn
[Comment From Dr. Mahathir]
10.46am: Nizar at the press conference: “We held sitting under a tree based on the doctrine of necessity because we were prevented from entering the assembly but we had to fulfil our duties based on the notice issued by the speaker”.
[Comment From Dr. Mahathir]
10.49am: Nizar says that he will try to get an audience with the Sultan of Perak to inform him the decision of the House. He insisted that the sitting was held in accordance with the rules and regulations.
[Comment From umno kedah]
Now i can see clearly what is happening here in Perak. Eventhough i am an UMNO supporter, in this situation i am standing together on the other side with PR, my best regards
[Comment From Abdullah]
my dad is from umno. but yesterday he told me that he feels disgraced by his party’s shameful moves to destroy democracy…
[Comment From Eva]
That brought tears to my eyes 🙂 The people have spoken. SETUJU!
[Comment From orang kampong]
like in the time of Julius Caesar, what i learnt in history during my schooltime …if i’mnot mistaken…they’ll do the assembly in open space like an amphitheater isn’t it…like in the movies…
[Comment From melayupenang]
what happened to our malay? hilangkah kepercayaan kepada Tuhan, kesetiaan kepada Raja, kesopanan dan kesusilaan. apa sudah jadi? DAP, KEADILAN dah jadi raja ke?
[Comment From Halim Din]
seorang wanita sedang menitiskan airmata di bawah Pohon Demokrasi….
[Comment From Singam]
The Village Pancayat (court) in India usually meets under a tree.
[Comment From Ali]
MIT and Harvard have commencement (US language) (convocation, Malaysian) in open space. Front of the dome (MIT). Under trees (Harvard)
[Comment From orang kampong]
meleleh ayor mata teman..bila terbaca ayat: someone in the crowdmuttered to your contact, “We are also part of this assembly .We have right to express our confidence in the MB. Thank you…awak mewakili kami yang tidak dapat bersama anda semua …kami mendoakan semoga beroleh kejayaan bagi segala susah payah yang saudara saudara hadapi sewaktu berkumpul di IPOH.. semangat persaudaraan tanpa mengira kaum dan ugama ….what a lovely day…
[Comment From Perak ordinary]
I followed the political event in Perak lately, and with tears flowing freely down my cheek, tears of joy , joy of knowing these group of people like speaker Siva, MB Nizar never giving up the struggles for demoracry…. these are people should run the country… I rejoice together with them for the rebirth of Perak demoracry under the tree, will be remembered in history for a long time. Syabas to those who are there this morning to witness the historic event in Perak.
I am sorry I am unable to publish all your comments. This site is getting like 15 comments a minute! So if you find your comment missing, please post it in the usual way at the end of this post.
Your response has been amazing. I never expected so many people from all over to be so intense about preserving and upholding democracy in Perak. This augurs well for the future of democracy in Malaysia. Democracy is far from dead. It is alive in our hearts and no one can rob that from us.
[Comment From kalai]
this is like fighting for our independence…really feel fantastic.history has been created..we are truly malaysians now..long live PR…!
I can read all your comments, thanks so much for the encouraging words. You make it all worthwhile.
[Comment From fatimah]
I am posting from Chicago and I am overwhelm with what happen in Perak. Please continue this blog to keep me inform!
[Comment From adrianj]
The LORD has eyes for the just, and ears for their cry. The LORD confronts the evildoers, to destroy remembrance of them from the earth. R. From all their distress God rescues the just. When the just cry out, the LORD hears them, and from all their distress he rescues them. The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; and those who are crushed in spirit he saves. R. From all their distress God rescues the just.
Ok folks, you wanted pictures of the assembly under the tree, I will try and post one.
[Comment From sc]
anil, all the unemployed housewives are watching and praying here in KL! Forget about unmade beds and unprepared lunches: this is more important. Thank you so much for doing this to keep us in the picture and in the know. It’s like being there. Yeah, the world is watching! And so is the Lord Almighty!
[Comment From selangor resident]
Even my Umno friends are sad what BN is doing to the country’s democracy. They are afraid it will be the end of BN in the next general election.
[Comment From lionheart]
UMNO BN ingat negara ini dia punya harta kah?
[Comment From KL]
I saw one photo with cloudless blue sky. I sense GOD witnessed the “Proceedings”
[Comment From Mohd Nor Yasin]
Me and my wife shed tears going tru these live reports and especially with ADUns sitting in the open under a tree!!!! May Allah bless you all and the Perakians. Amin
[Comment From Ariff]
The birth of democracy from The Tree Of Democracy… Let it plant the seeds of wisdom and justice in all of us and let it grow in all of us and prosper for a better and brighter Malaysia….
[Comment From BCM]
Semoga Allah memudahkan perjalanan perjuangan pejuang2 semua…kami sentiasa bersama MB NIzar dan semua di PErak..i’allah kita akan memperoleh kemenangan..*TERHARU….bersidang bwh pokok…
[Comment From Penduduk di Pokok Melaka]
Dari apa yang ditindak oleh BN,dan apa yang dilakukan oleh YAB Datuk Nizar dan Speaker Sivakumar,yang menarik hati rakyat dan dihormati rakyat adalah siapa yang mengikuti undang2 dan Perlembagaan Negeri Perak……sebagai penduduk yang bukan dari Negeri Perak, saya pun sokong Datuk Nizar dan Kumar…..saya SETUJU !!!!
[Comment From gunungkinabalu]
hai anil..kita semua jadi sejarah..just imagine 20-30 years later I’ll be my late father’s age when he was telling me the terror during zaman perang Jepun how he watch the Jap cutting people heads live in front of him-I was fascinated to hear that..now I also have something to tell my children and my grandchildren, Insya’Allah..keep up an amzing work -blogger united-luv ya!
[Comment From Sayang Kinabalu]
Bro Anil..boleh tolong ambil bijibenih Pokok Demokrasi tu ka? courier to me…i’ll pay your expenses..I nak tanam depan rumah I…nak bagi tau anak cucu akan ‘perjuangan demokrasi moden negara’..tolong eh?:)
Today’s Court hearing is because the BN is seeking an injunction to declare any meeting of the state assembly illegal. The proceedings will continue in Chambers in the High Court from 2.30pm.
[Comment From longsky]
That tree will now become the logo for Perak democracy. Keep it up, PR .
[Comment From msperak]
hi Anil, i googled and confirmed that perak is named after a tree!
[Comment From Aru]
This event touches my heart .Its wonderful that they choose a tree to shelter the assembly than the million ringgit state buliding.This is great .I am moved.
[Comment From neutral man]
hai anil..apa2 yang berlaku di Perak,cuba fikir dgn matang sbg manusia,ikut sahaja lunas undang2, x payah nak bersidang bawah pokok,buat malu Malaysia sahaja.. i tak sokong mana2 pihak tpi sbg rakyat malu dgn tindakan sebegitu, x sabar tggu prosiding mahkamah..mcm gila kuasa..jgn guna alasan demokrasi sewenang2nya..guna kuasa rakyat sewenang2nya..lu fikirlah sendiri..
[Comment From daughter of parit buntar]
this housewife from kl cannot do any housework..praying for perak.isn’t it interesting bernama not reporting,tv3 also silent on perak.
[Comment From padma]
ipoh is named after a tree. u can see an ipoh tree at the park in front of the railway station.
[Comment From Pokku]
ms Perak, IPOH is named after a tree. Perak is not.
[Comment From Spawn]
The name Ipoh derives from a local tree, pohon epu or now more commonly known as pokok ipoh. The sap of this plant is poisonous and was used by Orang Asli (indigenous people) to coat the tips of the darts of their blowpipes.
[Comment From Adi Iskandar]
Dear Neutral Man, semua orang mahu mengikut lunas undang2, tetapi.. kalau BN menggunakan undang2 untuk kepentingan sendiri, dimanakah letaknya kedaulatan undang2 itu sendiri utk di ikut oleh orang lain?
[Comment From Qayyum]
Setiap perkara yg berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya…Mengapa kita perlu bersengketa sesama kita…seharusnya kita bersatu utk menaikkan kembali nama Malaysia di persada di persada global..tetapi sebelum tu pemimpin kita perlulah yg benar2 ikhlas dalam memperjuangkan nasib rakyat…x salah & x memalukan jika bersidang di bawah pokok jika ianya memberikan manfaat kepada rakyat sendiri..renung2kan..
[Comment From Hj Muhammad Abdullah@TWG]
My heart thumbs n my ears long to hear what separation of powers in democracy really means in practice.Here I earnestly hope for what Raja Nazrin n his Royal Sultan father meant by all what they professed in all their interactions with laymen like me….Long live the Sultan! Let’s now the Rakyat really c what u r made of..my two cents worth…observation from an older senior citizen
Okay I am about to posted a picture now. .

There you go, folks… the Pokok Demokrasi! Photo by Jong.

Here’s another photo by Jong. You can just about see the Speaker, partially hidden.
[Comment From onetruevine]
hmmmm, one strong stem and four stately branches.
[Comment From din kuala]
oh no! they will remove the tree tomorrow,or maybe ask the tree to join BN…
[Comment From Neutral Man]
Dear anil..kalau betul tak percaya undang2, why PR submit permohonan di mahkamah, i nampak if memihak pada PR, u all sokong, i tak kata UMNO betul..ada jugak yg tak betul..apa kata biar sahaja mahkamah tentukan..kita ada undang2,ada perlembagaan,bukan ikut undang2 sendiri..YAM Sultan Azlan Shah bekas ketua hakim negara, baginda arif tentang undang2,bukan oarang sebarangan mcm kita yng tahu basic undang2 sahaja..thinking positif bukannya ikut perasaan..good job..jgn provok..biar adil..i akan ikuti web u sampai habis..
[Comment From kate]
I am cautiously optimistic that we the rakyat shall prevail over all this evil work. I was blinded by the msm all these 50 yrs and now, i feel a strong sense of belonging and justice with the Perak ADUN’s. Hidup the real MB of Perak – Nizar, and Syabas to Sivakumar! But folks, remember this afternoon at the courts might be a different kettle of fish! Continue praying, please.
[Comment From Vinnie]
The tree is now a national treasure… save it at all cost…
[Comment From az]
The name Ipoh derives from a local tree, pohon epu or now more commonly known as pokok ipoh. The sap of this plant is poisonous and was used by Orang Asli (indigenous people) to coat the tips of the darts of their blowpipes. Ipoh was formerly known as “Paloh” (Chinese: 壩羅) among local Chinese, referring to the gigantic mining pump used for early tin ore extraction. It was also called “the Town built on Tin” (Chinese: 锡城) and “City of Millionaires”, referring to the vast fortunes made during the boom of the tin mining industries.
[Comment From Mustapa Hamid.]
Besok…pokok tu akan hilang saperti hilang nya 3 katak.
[Comment From Klang River]
The Holy Quran says: “Certainly Allah was well pleased with the believers when they swore alle­giance to you UNDER THE TREE, and he knew what was in their hearts, so He sent down tranquility on them and rewarded them with a NEAR VICTORY.” (Sura Fath : 18)
[Comment From Lawa]
Sebagai anak Malaysia dan penyokong BN saya malu dengan tindakan DPM dan kuncunya di Perak D.E. Mulai hari ini saya dan seluruh keluarga serta saudara lain sudah jadi penyokong Pakatan Rakyat. Berambus lah BN
[Comment From msperak]
that tree has to be preserved, its heritage!! anyone cuttin down that tree will be cursed!! in australia, ppl get fined for cuttin dwn established trees!
[Comment From Newbeliever]
this is going to be the next Tourist SPOT in IPOH!!!!
[Comment From Vijay Kumar Murugavell]
The courts, police and MACC are facing the most superior court of the land- The court of public opinion

This picture is courtesy of blogger delCapo. It shows the Speaker in his full regalia.
[Comment From Rajes]
Thankyou Anil for the ongoing, vivid and comprehensive live reporting. Democracy in Perak, and therefore, in Malaysia is once again thriving, thanks to God’s timely intervention. We need to pray for divine wisdom for HRH to endorse resolutions of the Assembly. It’s so heartening to see spontaneous support for the Assembly proceedings, especially as it comes from Malaysians of all ethnic and religious backgrounds – a clear demonstration of solidarity and consensus for truth and righteosness. This historic event opens up a new and healthy era in nation-building. God bless New Malaysia.
[Comment From wudan]
That is a pokok angsana or rainforest tree. I guess it is at least 50 years old. How apt the way events have unfolded under the tree.
[Comment From MC]
Psa 1:1 God blesses those people who refuse evil advice and won’t follow sinners or join in sneering at God. Psa 1:2 Instead, the Law of the LORD makes them happy, and they think about it day and night. Psa 1:3 They are like TREES growing beside a stream, trees that produce fruit in season and always have leaves. Those people succeed in everything they do. Psa 1:4 That isn’t true of those who are evil, because they are like straw blown by the wind. Psa 1:5 Sinners won’t have an excuse on the day of judgment, and they won’t have a place with the people of God. Psa 1:6 The LORD protects everyone who follows him, but the wicked follow a road that leads to ruin.
[Comment From SonofPerak]
God bless you Datuk Nizar and YB Siva Psalm 1:3 He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water,Which yields its fruit in its seasonAnd its leaf does not wither;And in whatever he does, he prospers.
[Comment From Dulu BN]
Dulu saya menyokong pemerintahan BN tapi kini saya rasa malu dengan taktik BN yang kurang cekap dan yang berunsur penghinaan terhadap kehendak rakyat.
[Comment From True Perakboy]
Meeting under a tree!! Whether it was pre-planned or a spontaneous decision… it was just BRILLIANT!
[Comment From apai saloi]
Am watching from Sydney since early morning of your live blog. Just to contribute to history. The ipoh tree is also used by the IBANS in sarawak as a source of poison for their sumpit or blowpipe.
[Comment From Jendela]
Whether or not this Pokok Demokrasi survives (or is later chopped down) is not as important as planting more seeds of democracy elsewhere. May Malaysia have many Pokok Demokrasi in every state! (Thanks Anil for your excellent reporting.)
[Comment From Singam]
Reading the quotations from Qur’an and the Holy Bible that concur brings tears to my eyes. Blessed are we that we can find such harmony.

Here’s a section of the crowd at the open-air sitting of the Dewan. Photo by Jong
[Comment From MC]
Rev 22:2 In the midst of its street, and of the river, from here and from there, was the Tree of Life, which bore twelve fruits, each yielding its fruit according to one month. And the leaves of the tree were for the HEALING of the nations.
[Comment From KT]
Lyric from a song – When you Believe – Many nights we’ve prayed With no proof anyone could hear In our hearts a hopefull song We barely understood Now we are not afraid Although we know there’s much to fear We were moving mountains long Before we knew we could There can be miracles, when you believe Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill Who knows what miracles you can achieve When you believe, somehow you will You will when you believe In this time of fear When prayers so often prove in vain Hope seems like the summer birds Too swiftly flown away Yet now I’m standing here My heart’s so full I can’t explain Seeking faith and speaking words I never thought I’d say There can be miracles, when you believe Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill Who knows what miracles you can achieve When you believe, somehow you will You will when you believe They don’t know it’s often when you ask (Oh) And it’s easy to give in to your fears (Oh…Ohhhh) But when you’re blinded by your pain Can’t see your way straight throught the rain Boy,am i still resilient voice Says love is the relief (Ohhh) There can be miracles (Miracles) When you believe (Lord, when you believe) Though hope is frail (Though hope is frail) It’s hard to kill (Hard to kill, Ohhh) Who knows what miracles,you can achieve When you believe, somehow you will(somehow,somehow, somehow) somehow you will You will when you believe You will when you You will when
[Comment From JohnBoy]
Blessed are the righteousness for theirs is the Kingdom of God…..Im proud of MB Nizar and YB Sivakumar…the Defender, the Protector of Democracy…..
[Comment From Apex]
Buddha gained enlightenment while meditating under a tree.
[Comment From John lee]
PR are just bulls****ers.Whatever they do are always right it seems. Nizar is just a puppet of DAP.
[Comment From EDWArd]
the righteous are bold as lions but the wicked flee if when no one is pursuing them.Their sins will find them out.This is the infallible law of sowing and reaping
Ok folks, time to take a break and get some lunch!
12:44 [Standby] Out for lunch!

Source: http://anilnetto.com/democracy/live-from-perak/

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