Current Mission of the 916 Movement

This 916 Movement is a Think and Action Tank dedicated to fellow Malaysians and friends of Malaysia who wish to see and bring about a better future for Malaysia.

The Current Mission of 916 Movement is to assist the Pakatan Rakyat to form Federal Government at GE13


Bersih 4.0, or Bersih 5.0, or Bersih GE13: 1,000,000?

looking at the absence of FRU and lack of police personnel yesterday, it can be concluded that the Najib adminstration decided not to go head on with the Rakyat, because there is no way they can stop the Rakyat …

perhaps it has turned out to be better for the Najib administration, because of the lesser negative publicity …

however, this also means that the Rakyat is further emboldened …

judging by the photos posted yesterday, let us say 50,000 attended? not bad for a late night event …

so, Bersih 4.0, or Bersih 5.0, or Bersih GE13 will certainly be much bigger, say, 1,000,000?

certainly not impossible


916M: Batu Sapi: Please Do Not “Not Listen” …

Pete is right, “I told you so …” (per Carrie Underwood’s song) …

So, they said that UMNO was in disarray …

So, they said they have the confidence to win …

See, what happened?

Sure, they can argue that even if SAPP and PKR had joined forces, they would not have won anyway.

No, if SAPP and PKR had joined forces, it is possible that the majority would not have been so great.

If SAPP and PKR had joined forces, people would not have lost confidence in the opposition (ie SAPP and PKR) being in disarray. When the Rakyat feels that if you cannot get your act together, why should I vote you? I might as well vote for the lesser and  more stable evil?

If SAPP and PKR had joined forces, it would have conveyed a strong, cooperative and credible opposition.

Now it is for sure that the Sarawak elections will come next …

… and after that GE13.

Why wouldn’t Najib? He has already started to build his momentum …

If Barisan wins GE13, we can kiss reformation goodbye.

Fortunately, Sarawak Pakatan has said that they have worked out the seats.  We can only hope that Sarawak Pakatan can stop the Barisan march forward.

But if this last bastion of Sarawak falls, then bye-bye Pakatan, and Putrajaya will just become a dream, no, a fantasy.

See, the point is not that we do not trust your judgment.

The point is that you did not make sense. How is it that a 3-corner fight will be beneficial for the Rakyat? Even a small kid can tell you that a 2-corner fight will be able to produce better results.

So, please, please, please do not “not listen” …

We will give you one last chance …

916 Movement


916M: The Silent Majority of Malaysia @ Facebook Launched …

The Silent Majority of Malaysia is essentially moderate and peace-loving Malaysians and friends of Malaysia who believe in the need to elect the best government to administer the nation in the interest of all Malaysians and their future generations

Recent developments focusing unnecessarily on racial issues are most unnecessary and may lead to undesirable outcomes

Hence, the objectives of The Silent Majority of Malaysia are:
+ to make a statement through its numbers to politicians from both side of the divide, that politics is for positive and constructive economic and social development, and not politics for the sake of politics, and

+ to become a focal point of communication for the sharing of perspectives, understanding and ideas so that more Malaysians can be better informed, in order that they can elect the best government for Malaysia at the next opportunity

So, please join us, to show that there are many of us who comprise The Silent Majority of Malaysia

Please click “Like” to show your support, and please “Share” to help spread this message

Thank you

Please click here to go to The Silent Majority of Malaysia @ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Silent-Majority-of-Malaysia/154464227899874?v=wall#!/pages/The-Silent-Majority-of-Malaysia/154464227899874

916M: Yes, yes, yes, to Parti Barisan Rakyat!

This is certainly an excellent idea, something which we advocated at the time when Anwar was tantalizing defections per 916.

Yes, agree, we certainly need quality lawmakers, and certainly not the crapmakers whom we now have.

Firstly, we need to look from the point of view of practicality, especially in so far as election machinery and funding are concerned. Yes, you have qualified that “if an effective election machinery were in place”. Now, would we be able to set up an effective election machinery in time? Well, we think it is possible, if Barisan Rakyat gets started now, not later, and we need not aim for the kind of funds needed, but we battle smart, using technologies like Facebook and email campaigns.

So, yes, register Barisan Rakyat as a political party now, and build up its election machinery, election strategies and war chest. (If we really want to see Barisan Rakyat as a force to be reckoned with, we cannot run away from the fact that discipline has to be instituted, and this has to be through party mechanisms; ok, Barisan Rakyat need not be a 100% political party, but some basic form of constitution or standing orders must be in place.)

Secondly, which constituencies will Barisan Rakyat contest in? Yes, you had said the following: “‘third force of independent candidates comprising the best that civil society has to offer, augmenting the best from Pakatan Rakyat, to take on BN come the 13th GE’. No room for 3-corner fights here.” But how do we negotiate with Pakatan to avoid the said 3-corner fights? Knowing them politicians, we doubt if they will give way to Barisan Rakyat. Some of Pakatan’s lawmakers may be hopeless, but we cannot deny that Pakatan is at least for now our hope, and unless the said third force comes into play. Therefore, our view is that Barisan Rakyat can only be viable if 3 corner fights can be avoided.

Perhaps too a good strategy will be to field Barisan Rakyat candidates in places where people like Zahrain, Tan, Wee Choo Keong, etc, ie hopeless independents are incumbents, and also where UMNO currently are lawmakers (just hit UMNO, no need to hit the other parties, as the main troublemaker is actually UMNO). Barisan Rakyat will have to negotiate with Pakatan Rakyat on this, in return for Barisan Rakyat’s support for Pakatan Rakyat’s candidates elsewhere. Yes, it would certainly be counterproductive if there were 3-corner fights.

Thirdly, Barisan Rakyat ought to field a good number of candidates, some of whom must include notable candidates like yourself, RPK (if you guys can convince him), Imtiaz, etc. Like it or not, you really need iconic figures.

Fourthly, focus on the parliamentary seats, ie do not run for state seats. Try to achieve the balance of power status at the federal level, because this is where the control is. Barisan Rakyat, will not be able to build up sufficient resources by GE13, so you guys must focus on where it will be most effective.

Some food for thought.

Over to you.

916 Movement


Haris Ibrahim: DNBN Kuburkan BN: Enter the Third Force

Pakatan Rakyat and a great many of the rakyat have one common aspiration : to kick the present corrupt BN government out come the 13th General Election.

That’s any time between now and 8th May, 2013.

Many feel it’s going to be very much sooner rather than later.

Possibly even next year.

Imagine, as the results are announced, come the 13th GE, and it becomes evident that BN has lost.

Then imagine the next day that, instead of a Pakatan Rakyat leader being appointed Prime Minister, news starts to make its way around that several Pakatan Rakyat MPs have gone ‘missing’.

Talk of cross-overs abound.

Two days later, Muhyiddin appears at a press conference, surrounded by former Pakatan Rakyat MPs, who now declare themselves as BN-friendly independent MPs.

Enough former Pakatan Rakyat MPs who are now independent and BN-friendly for Muhyiddin to claim to have the confidence of the majority in the Dewan Rakyat and consequently the right to the PMship.

We have seen enough since the 12th GE to know that unless candidates of unquestionable integrity are picked to contest, the scenario I have described above is a very distinct possibility, if not a near probability.

The sad truth, however, is that the three Pakatan Rakyat parties just do not have enough good men and women within their ranks to contest all parliamentary and state seats.

Throw in PSM in semenanjung and SAPP in Sabah and they still would not have enough.

Truth is that the three Pakatan Rakyat parties have, with a view to improving the quality within their ranks, approached many in civil society who are perceived as good candidate material to join their respective parties, without too much success.

I, too, have approached some of those in civil society who, in my view, have the qualities that would serve the nation and the rakyat well in parliament and who have intimated to me that whilst they are not at all desirous of getting into any political party set-up, they are prepared to do their part in setting our nation right and, to that end, would be honoured to offer themselves as independent candidates in the next general election if an effective election machinery were in place.

A third force of independent candidates comprising the best that civil society has to offer, augmenting the best from Pakatan Rakyat, to take on BN come the 13th GE?

We could call this third force Barisan Rakyat.

Would this not be viable?

Your thoughts, please.

Source: http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2010/08/08/dnbn-kuburkan-bn-enter-the-third-force/#comment-55020

916M: Soi Lek, the question is not whether to ditch UMNO, but when …

Soi Lek and MCA, time to go boys!

You guys have been playing it by the rules, and toeing the line, because you are part of the team.

Playing it by the rules and toeing the line should only be done if it is a level playing field, and if you are respected in reciprocation.

Your big brother seems not to be respecting you at all, screaming as if you are their dogs.

Honestly, there is really no point in staying.

The issue at hand is not really whether you should ditch UMNO, but as to when you should ditch UMNO.

Yes, 308 gave you a really tight slap, and granted, you did wake up. Yes, you did try to speak louder.

We can understand that you held back after 308 because you realised that if you had ditched UMNO then, at a time when the turmoil continued, it would have caused more distress. Yes, it was an acceptable decision to hold back, and give UMNO a chance.

But after 2 years +, you can see for fact that it will be very difficult for UMNO to change (well, we personally think that it will be an impossibility).

So, there is really no doubt that you have to leave BN, unless UMNO changes.

As noted, it is a question of when, and you have 2 options:

+ Option 1: leave after GE13, ie after UMNO is decimated, by which time they will be rendered powerless to incite trouble, especially in blaming you for causing instability by leaving BN, or

+ Option 2: leave now or at the next most opportune moment

Leaving after GE13 will be the safest option; but you run the risk of being seen as cowardly.

Leaving now or at the next most opportune moment is no doubt dangerous. Because those idiots will use this as an excuse to incite trouble, blaming it on the ungrateful Chinese. Of course too, there will be the danger of the likes of Ibrahim Perkosa pushing harder for Malay unity.

But we do not think that you will stand to lose. Yes, as Choon Mei has pointed out, you need not join Pakatan, but can be independents (no, not the useless and hopeless Temporary Independents like Zahrain, Wee, Tan, etc).

It is actually a question of your survival, and you must transfrom, and the question is when.

Over to you Soi Lek.

916 Movement

P/S: Or at the next most opportune moment, especially when you are whacked again, state emphatically that the MCA will proactively review its position in the BN.


Choon Mei: Time for Soi Lek and MCA to pull out of the BN

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

Fresh from drawing fire from the Chinese community for perceived cowardice, MCA president Chua Soi Lek is now getting whacked left, right and center by Malay leaders in Umno and PAS , who are upset that he has blamed them for undermining Malaysia’s economic potential.

PAS leaders, who sit on the opposite side of the political divide, have accused him of involving their party because he was too afraid to hit out at Umno alone. They minced no words, describing him as being desperate to stem his sliding popularity with the Chinese.

But harsh though their words may be, it was Umno leaders like Khir Toyo who delivered the real killer blow. The former Selangor MB, in disgrace due to a slew of corruption allegations, spitefully suggested that Chua was trying to make people blame Islam. What a sure fire way to turn even the smallest storm in a teacup into a full-blown tornado!

“This is very dangerous. People might start blaming Islam because of what he said… they might blame Islam and say that corruption in the country is rampant because of the religion,” Malaysian Insider quoted Khir as saying.

Most Chinese would agree with Chua

What did Chua actually say to create such a commotion? “When Umno and PAS use religion to strengthen their influence, we can see that some non-progressive policies are made and that the country has been trapped as a middle income nation for more than 10 years,” Chua had told an MCA convention in Kedah.

So basically, what the MCA president was saying was that because of the Umno and PAS tendency to play up religious issues to win over Malay voters, it has led to “non-progressive” policies which have resulted in the entire nation suffering the effects of economic underperformance.

Is this true? Ask any non-Malay, especially the Chinese, and don’t be surprised as many as 9 out of 10 would agree – and absolutely too! Umno should commission a survey if it doesn’t believe this is so.

But that’s not the point. What is most important now for Chua to note because this is what all the other Chinese in the country are noting is the total disrespect that Khir and his colleagues have shown to him, the MCA and the Chinese community by extension.

None of his Umno colleagues appear to have spared any thought as to how tough the MCA predicament must be given the changing times and having to work under a “bully” boss like Umno. All that Khir and his ilk are interested in is how they can further slaughter Chua and his party to maximize their own brownie points with their community.

Only one way to fight and that is all the way

How Chua responds now is most crucial. He does not have to bother with the likes of Khir, who is not respected by any one worth knowing anyway.

But if Chua backs down again – whether the rebuke comes from Prime Minister Najib Razak or former premier Mahathir Mohamad himself – then the MCA is finished. Forever finished! It should then ‘corporatize’, be an education and media company, but stay out of politics.

There is only one way for Chua to fight back and that is all the way. His only meaningful weapon is the 15 parliamentary seats that the MCA holds. This is the time when all members, especially the 15 MPs, should close ranks and express their support for him.

If he fails them, then they must throw him out. If Umno continues to disrespect the MCA, please pull out from the Barisan Nasional.

Throughout the country – from peninsula to East Malaysia and regardless of whether they are MCA members or not – the Chinese will clap and support such a decision. If only Chua has the guts to do so, then there is still a chance his party can retain some of those 15 seats.

The MCA does not have to join Pakatan Rakyat if it does not wish to. It can try being a truly independent party, although to be one, it must take care not to troll with the likes of Zul Noordin, Zahrain Hashim and Wee Choo Keong.

Koh Tsu Koon and Gerakan must follow. There is really no other way out.

The MCA is a wealthy party. It has built cash reserves if not in billions than at least hundreds of millions. The future is a very long time. With this cash hoard, heal and revamp the MCA. But do not ‘drop the face’ of the community anymore.

Source: http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/2010/08/time-for-soi-lek-and-mca-to-pull-out.html

916M: Thomas Lee: “MCA … should start making arrangement to hold nationwide funeral ceremonies after the next general election”

Thomas is absolutely spot on on this one: “Take the case of Umno having a similar stand as PAS on the issue of the need for Malay unity.

If Muhyiddin’s argument on the MCA having the same political agenda on the “Allah” issue as the DAP is seen as a perfidy against the Barisan Nasional, then Umno’s willingness to hold unity talk with PAS is likewise a betrayal of trust against the other component parties of the Barisan Nasional.”

Indeed, if the MCA is not allowed to voice its opinion on any issue, then what use is the MCA? Ie MCA is useless.

Muhyiddin said: “I am not sure why DAP and MCA have the same stand in this matter.”

Ah, Muhyiddin, you mean as long as one is in government and/or Barisan Nasional, one cannot have the same view as the opposition?

Do you mean to say that if the opposition happens to say something logical that no one in government and/or Barisan can then say the same thing?

So, you are saying that as long as the other side is saying something, your boys are not supposed the say the same thing?

This also means that if the government has made a judgmental error that no one is allowed to question the government’s decision?

Anyway, not that this is a bad thing.

Actually, this is a good thing.


Well, the more they screw up, the more likely they will be dumped at the next general election.

Well, keep it up boys, you are getting there!

916 Movement

P/S: Whatever happened to the gutsy and speak-my-mind Chua Soi Lek?

P/S: Good one Tom: “In view of the party backing out on its stand on the issue, I think it should start making arrangement to hold nationwide funeral ceremonies after the next general election”

Thomas Lee: MCA, stand firm or close shop

In condemning the MCA stand on the “Allah” issue, which happens to align with that of the DAP, Muhyiddin is showing himself to be superficial and perhaps even shallow in understanding the universal fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights of the people.

Thomas Lee Seng Hock, Sinchew

The arrogance of Deputy Prime Minister and Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in giving a stern warning on Monday 3 August 2010 to the MCA over the “Allah” issue simply cannot be stomached and tolerated.

If the MCA has any dignity and integrity, it should not allow itself to be so severely rebuked and dictated to publicly by an “equal” partner in the Barisan Nasional coalition.

The MCA is right in standing up for the right of the non-Muslim community to be allowed to freely practise and express their religious faiths using any word they deem fit in Bahasa Malaysia, which is their national language.

The MCA is absoultely right to ask the federal government, of which it is purportedly an essential component, to rescind the ban on non-Muslims using of the word “Allah”, after Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein expressed regrets over the decision to ban its use by his predecessor.

The deputy prime minister had insisted that the MCA must accept the decision of the federal government without questioning, saying that the party should not trigger another debate on the word “Allah.”

The MCA should not allow such haughtiness to go unchallenged, and should ensure its fundamental right is recognised, accepted, and respected as an equal component of the ruling coalition to any assent and/or acquiescence of any decision affecting the nation.

If the MCA is not allowed to voice its views and have a say on such fundamental matters as the right of the non-Muslims to freely use any word in the national language for the purpose of expressing, worshipping, teaching and publishing of their religious faith, then the party should dissolve itself as it is obviously politically impotent, and has no essential practical use to the Chinese community it claims to represent.

Muhyiddin has also questioned the MCA intention in sharing the same platform with the DAP.

“I am not sure why the DAP and the MCA have the same stand in this matter,” he said.

In condemning the MCA stand on the “Allah” issue, which happens to align with that of the DAP, Muhyiddin is showing himself to be superficial and perhaps even shallow in understanding the universal fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights of the people.

The MCA may not be idealogically and politically compatible with the DAP, but the universal principles and values of the fundamental human rights are applicable to political parties of all tints and shades, including even Umno.

So, for the MCA to make a stand on the “Allah” issue, which is basically a human right issue, is both legitimate and justified, even if it is similar to the stand of the DAP.

Take the case of Umno having a similar stand as PAS on the issue of the need for Malay unity.

If Muhyiddin’s argument on the MCA having the same political agenda on the “Allah” issue as the DAP is seen as a perfidy against the Barisan Nasional, then Umno’s willingness to hold unity talk with PAS is likewise a betrayal of trust against the other component parties of the Barisan Nasional.

The MCA must not compromise on this “Allah” issue, which involves the fundamemtal human, civil, and constitutional rights of the people. If it now shrinks from its responsibility to help preserve, protect, and promote the God-given rights of the people, then it can be sure that its days are numbered and the next general election will be its funeral ceremony.

NOTE: As I had expected, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said in a statement soon after the above Comment was published that the MCA “does not share the same stand with the DAP on the call to lift the ban on the use of ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims.” In view of the party backing out on its stand on the issue, I think it should start making arrangement to hold nationwide funeral ceremonies after the next general election

Source: http://www.malaysia-today.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=33570:mca-stand-firm-or-close-shop&catid=17:guest-columnists&Itemid=100130

916M: Malaysia can never produce Sorcerer’s Apprentice unless …

There is no doubt that Sorcerer’s Apprentice is Awesome.



… and much more.

As the movie is being played, one cannot help but ask as to whether Malaysia can one day produce movies such as this.

Can Malaysia?

Maybe can, but certainly not now.

A lot of expertise, technology, discipline, etc is required before we can produce such awesome, spell-binding, creative, etc movies.

It is not that we cannot do it, just that we do not yet have the infrastucture, human capital, etc to pursue such dreams.

And why is it that we do not have such infrastructure, human capital, etc?

It is because the country is in shambles.

We have a minister saying that we cannot afford to give scholarships, yet we can afford to move our Parliament.

We have ministers who spend more time politicking, than focusing on building the necessary infrastructure for today and tomorrow.

We also have pitiful politicians who plead for antiquated race-based rights, when in fact, they should be leading all to improve themselves.

We have all the crap, except the talent to put this nation back on track.

So, can Malaysia produce Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

No, unless … BN is booted out come GE13!

So, how do we boot BN out?

Well, easy, let us spend more time coming up with strategies for GE13.

Let us also encourage more to register as voters.

Let us convince more people that unless BN is booted out come GE13, Malaysia can never progress!

916 Movement

916M: Stop the LOOTING now!

Back in March 2008, when the 308 political tsunami swept, the message to UMNO and its gang was evidently clear; change or be changed, come GE13.

As time wore on, it appeared that UMNO and its gang did not quite get it, and we become dumbfounded as to why they could not get it.

Three possible explanations came to mind:

+ one, they are so thick that they just could not get it,

+ two, they got it, not all, but part of it, but are still thinking or hoping that they can still win back what they lost as long as they can make us happy by improving the economy, security, etc

+ three, they got it, know that the chances of coming back are slim, but have poised themselves to milk whatever they can before they get booted out come GE13, and of course, to run away

Ku Li is right, the nation is being looted, and come 9 March 2013, we wake up to find empty rejoice. Yes, we won, but the nation has been bankrupted.

We have been advocating that we must be on the vigilance, watching out for every possible opportunity to stop the looting.

A good part would have already been milked by now, and we must stop that which we can still stop NOW.

916 Movement

The Malaysian Insider: Malaysia’s economy being ‘looted’, says Ku Li

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

July 31, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 — Former finance minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah today claimed that billions of taxpayer’s money have been “looted” from the country.

The outspoken politician also criticised the “political class” and its refusal to address the issue.

“Without a doubt, Malaysia is slipping. Billions have been looted from this country, and billions more are being siphoned out as our entire political structure crumbles.

“Yet we are gathered here in comfort, in a country that still seems to ‘work.’ Most of the time. This is due less to good management than to the extraordinary wealth of this country,” the Gua Musang MP said during the 4th Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit here.

The Kelantan prince, popularly known as Ku Li, said that public must not be deceived with the mismanagement and corruption of the economy.

“You were born into a country of immense resources both natural and cultural and social. We have been wearing down this advantage with mismanagement and corruption. With lies, tall tales and theft.

“We have a political class unwilling or unable to address the central issue of the day because they have grown fat and comfortable with a system built on lies and theft,” he said.

Ku Li stressed that the recent World Foreign Investment Report (WIR) which showed a drop in the country’s foreign direct investment (FDI) was not a statistical blip.

“Today, according to the latest World Investment Report, FDI into Malaysia is at about a twenty year low. We are entering the peer group of Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines as an investment destination. Thailand, despite a month-long siege of the capital, attracted more FDI than we did last year. Indonesia and Vietnam far out perform us, not as a statistical blip but consistently. Soon we shall have difficulty keeping up with the Philippines,” he said.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has come under fire from opposition parties for Malaysia’s lacklustre FDI rates, which have fallen faster than regional counterparts such as Singapore and China even while capital outflows dampened private domestic investment.

The WIR 2010 released by the United Nations showed that FDI in Malaysia plunged 81 per cent last year, trailing behind countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

The report revealed that Malaysia suffered a large 81.1 per cent drop in FDIs compared to far healthier figures in Thailand (30.4 per cent), Vietnam (44.1 per cent) and Indonesia (44.7 per cent).

In May, Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed announced that investments in the country for Q1 2010 amounted to RM5.2 billion.

FDIs made up RM3.2 billion of this total, with Singapore, Taiwan and Japan being the biggest contributors.

Mustapa said the investment amount was still relatively low against the total amount of RM32.6 billion in investments received last year.

Najib has been trying to lift Malaysia’s profile as a destination for foreign investment to help the country achieve an average GDP growth of at least 6 per cent per annum over the next five years.

However, his administration has insisted that the GDP growth target is still achievable despite warning that the economy may slow down in the second half of the year due to external factors.

“This, I believe, is called relegation. If we take into account FDI outflow, the picture is even more interesting. Last year we received US$1.38 billion (RM4.07 billion) in investments but US$ 8.04 billion flowed out. We are the only country in Southeast Asia which has suffered nett FDI outflow.

“I am not against outward investment. It can be a good thing for the country. But an imbalance on this scale indicates capital flight, not mere investment overseas,” said Tengku Razaleigh.

Source: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/malaysias-economy-being-looted-says-ku-li/#When:07:12:22Z

916M: Saiful and drop in FDIs

We really wonder what has become of our society, if really, we can call it “society”.

It is indeed mind-boggling already that we have to bear with the insult to our intelligence per Sodomy 2 (eg how can an old man do it forcibly? and how would not a young man resist it with all he can, let alone allow it to happen more than once???)

Now, we have to contend with the star witness being accused of having an affair with the Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP)? Or rather, the DPP being accused of having an affair with the star witness? (No, shouldn’t he be the accused as well?)

If the DPP did not do it, why should the Attorney General (AG) drop her? If the DPP did not do it, why is it that the AG did not defend her?

Something must have happened, and this is why the AG removed her.

Whatever it is, how is it that Saiful has not been and will not be charged for sodomy and zina?

Little wonder our FDIs have dropped so significantly.

916 Movement


Lawyer: Did DPP have sex with Saiful? Yes or no?

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

KUALA LUMPUR: Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyers want a definite answer from the prosecution team of the sodomy II trial — a yes or no if deputy public prosecutor Farah Azlina Latif has an affair with the hearing’s key witness and alleged sodomy victim, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

In a letter submitted to lead prosecutor, Solicitor-General II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, lawyer Sankara Nair listed down three reasons for the demand.

First is that the allegation, which was reported by an online news portal on July 22, “has been published pervasively for national and worldwide viewing”.

Second, said Sankara, is that there is serious implication in the integrity of the prosecution team.

“This is because the DPP involved is part of the prosecution team and has access to sensitive and confidential information that cannot be disclosed to Saiful,” read the letter dated July 26.

Third is the reply given by Mohd Yusof, which was published in the same July 22 article, that had invited much speculation “particularly because the reply was vague and not firm”.

“Therefore, your confirmation or denial will be much appreciated,” concluded the letter.

Trial may be marred

The allegation was the latest scandal to rock the controversial sodomy trial, Anwar’s second in 10 years, and is likely to further erode public confidence in the integrity of the trial.

The move by Attorney-General Abdul Ghani Pattail to drop Farah Azlina yesterday only strengthen this perception.

“The Attorney-General’s Chambers cannot compromise on any issue that can tarnish the image or credibility of the department and we are looking at such matters very seriously.

“This can be very difficult for us but any personal matter, if it can have any implication in whatever form on the department, will be handled very seriously,” he told a press conference at his office in Putrajaya yesterday.

He added that Farah Azlina had to be dropped not because she was found guilty, but to avoid any negative public perception on the prosecution team. He neither confirmed nor denied the alleged affair between the DPP and Saiful.

Anwar, who is the PKR de facto leader, is charged with sodomising Saiful at Unit 11-5-1 of the Desa Damansara Condominium in Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara, here between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

The 62-year-old has denounced the charge as “evil, frivolous lies by those in power” and had openly accused Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, of being the architects behind the sodomy II trial.

The former deputy prime minister is charged under section 377B of the Penal Code and can be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in jail and whipping upon conviction. The case resumes on Aug 3.

Source: http://www.malaysia-today.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=33415:lawyer-did-dpp-have-sex-with-saiful-yes-or-no-&catid=19:newscommentaries&Itemid=100131

Source: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/fmt-english/news/general/8484-lawyer-did-dpp-have-sex-with-saiful-yes-or-no

916M: Yes, focus on Parliament and BN States come GE13

Good, at least we are seeing more strategies coming out of Pakatan.

Good move, Pakatan Selangor.

Yes, whoever said we must follow Najib when he dissolves the Federal Parliament?

Sure, there was a convention, but we need not be bound by convention, particularly when there is political will.

Penang, Kelantan, and Kedah should follow suit.

Let us then focus on the Parliament and BN States come GE13.

This way, those who are supposed to focus on Selangor, Penang, Kelantan and Kedah can work on the other states.

Kedah can help Perlis, Terengganu and Perak.

Kelantan can focus on Terengganu. Pahang and Johor.

Penang can help Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Malacca.

Selangor can help Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor.

Of course, Perak must win back Perak (not that it lost the state actually).

Sarawak and Sabah to focus on winning their own states.

Of course, the other side will also mobilise their people accordingly.

But we all we need to do is to focus on the marginal seats.

Good work Pakatan, come up with more strategies.

Let us get ready for GE13!

916 Movement

P/S: Be prepared for the BN States not dissolving as well, ie GE13 will be for the Federal Parliament only.


Selangor won’t follow BN to call snap polls

By G. Manimaran
Bahasa Malaysia Editor
July 25, 2010

The Selangor state assembly will see out its full term even if BN decides on a snap general election. — file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, July 25 — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has decided not to dissolve the Selangor assembly even if the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government calls for an early general election.

The Malaysian Insider understands that the decision was made at the state leadership meeting last Monday.

The Selangor PR wants to use its five-year mandate fulfil its Election 2008 promises without being tied to BN’s decision.

PR also rule Penang, Kedah and Kelantan which were won in the 2008 general election.

Mentris besar and chief ministers can independently advise the state rulers or governors on when to dissolve their respective state assemblies. The PAS-ruled Kelantan has always followed BN’s timing despite keeping the state since 1990.

The prime minister can also do the same at the national level by obtaining the consent of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

By convention, the general and state elections are held concurrently.

However, observers and analysts believe this convention will now be abandoned, as a result of the changes in the political landscape since March 8, 2008.

PAS information chief Roslan Shahir Mohd Shahir confirmed the decision and said that PR needed more time to fulfil its election promises, amid accusations that they had failed to do so by Umno and BN.

“Yes, it is true we decided on the issue during the last meeting earlier this week… only the mentri besar has not announced it yet,” he said when contacted by The Malaysian Insideryesterday.

In his latest blog entry entitled “Tidak ada kerjasama PAS-Umno di Selangor” (no co-operation between PAS and Umno in Selangor), Roslan wrote that PR had plenty of other work to do, besides strengthening ties between PAS, DAP and PKR.

“The seats we lost, we need to regain. We want to assure our supporters and the people in Selangor that stale stories that the BN plans on calling for snap polls do not interest us.

“You can dissolve Parliament but the Selangor state assembly will proceed until its final term,” he said, referring to the Umno and BN’s recent attack on the Selangor PR claiming that it had failed to deliver on its Election 2008 promises.

Roslan further explained that since it has only been two years since PR started its of rule Selangor, the coalition would need more time to carry out all the economic and social programmes it had planned from before.

“We do not want to be trapped by BN’s moves, which indicated that snap polls would soon be called… we want to proceed with the present mandate, at least until we complete four years.

“We decided the state elections would only be called after the fourth year, if needed, and if not, we will complete our five-year term,” he said.

PR Selangor’s present mandate would end in May 2013.

PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub told The Malaysian Insider that the party had decided during a recent retreat in Port Dickson that it would be ready to face the 13th general election by year-end.

“According to our calculations, the general election would (possibly) be held by year-end,” he said.

In an interview with The Malaysian Insider two weeks ago, Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said he hoped all states, whether helmed by the PR or BN, would hold their elections together with the general election.

Signs of possible snap polls initially emerged when the BN administration began its attacks on the Selangor government over the controversial sand-mining issue.

On Friday, the Selangor Umno launched its series of 19 political rallies, to be held in conjunction with its “Save Selangor” roadshow that will go on until August 8.

Selangor Umno deputy chairman Datuk Seri Noh Omar said the rallies would cover all 19 Umno divisions in the state, beginning with Shah Alam.

He added that the first phase of the roadshow would give the people a clearer picture on Selangor regarding controversial issues like allegations of mismanagement among members in the administration, poor management of government subsidiaries, as well as personal and moral issues of the PR leadership

Source: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/selangor-wont-follow-bn-to-call-snap-polls/#When:23:10:57Z